Monday, February 29, 2016

Musical Monday - I believe Kesha

Kesha is 28 years old.  She is surrounded by extremely intelligent people, who support her, and want to help her make good decisions.

She is a VERY public figure.  Kesha has filed a lawsuit claiming that Lukasz Gottwald sexually and emotionally abused her starting at age 18.

I don't know the details of what happened, but since the "window of discover" doesn't end until January, 2017, you bet your ass the next twelve months are going to be an open book, with every sleazeball pouring over every bit of dirty laundry in Kesha's entire life (going back to childhood), and Dr Luke's life for the last five minutes.

Yeah, I said that.  Every sleazeball wants to see Kesha's underwear, because she's young, hot, and a woman.  Only a handful of diehard justice seeking liberal treehuggers and well-paid mercenary private investigators and lawyers are going to give a rat's ass about Dr Luke's history.  Double standards never die.

He's a music producer for Sony - he's a dirtbag by definition.  Sony - as a logical representation of collective decision making of hundreds of people, since corporations are not people - has one of THE worst reputations in the music industry for treating artists like chew toys.

So, any asshole who claims Kesha is "just trying to break contract" is an asshole.  No one throws her entire fucking life away "just to break a contract."  And that's what is about to happen.  Her next ten years are going to be a nightmare, and if she's really lucky, she'll be able to rebuild a music  career in her mid-30s, once the assholes of the world stop trying to get a look at her underwear.

Frankly, I think it's awesome that other artists like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga had show such tremendous support.  Both of those artists are extremely image conscious - they know how to work the business right back on itself, which means they are taking a huge risk siding with Kesha, and I admire them as business women.  They obviously believe Kesha, and they obviously want to stand up for women, and they obviously want to stand up against the music industry.

And for fuck's sake, why is she know as "The 'Tik Tok' Singer"??  She's got so many better songs, and that one is clearly years ago.  I barf on the mindless media for treating this as somehow her only success.

Whatever happens next to Kesha, I wish her the best of luck. I think she is a talented artist, and a brave woman.

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