Monday, April 25, 2016

The GOP victory when Justice wins, but the Truth loses

Alas, this is what the GOP expected and I bet they're already spinning it to their advantage.

It was never about the law - it was always about theatrics. Put on a show about how the "damn liberals" "love the perverts" and "hate good Christian family values." Never mind that the entire premise is a house of cards built in hatred, bullshit and lies. Nevermind human dignity, truth, justice or the rule of law.

It's always been about FUD and creating more FUD to scare convince people to vote for the increasingly anti-democracy GOP.

Need "proof"? How many conversations have you had in which politically moderate people really think HB2 was about protecting women and children from perverts wanting to dress up and invade the ladies' loo? Those confused people are exactly the people being targeted by this "conversion therapy" of FUD.

When the prize is power, silly ideals like "truth" and "justice" are disposable.

With this court ruling, justice and Mom's Apple Pie have gained a victory, but integrity and the truth got kicked in the teeth by greedElitist Opportunistic Pigs who also gained the showcase theatrical victory they were after.

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