Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clinton, Sanders, or Cockroaches... Decisions, decisions

The meme points out that the increasing contention between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders risks splitting the Democratic voting block, as the two mobs of fanatic supporters start throwing tantrums and yelling at each other, as if this was some bizarro sports rivalry, or mobs of kids fighting over the play equipment on the school yard.  Because, you know, humans just gotta have their "Us vs Them" mentality.  People are stupid.

Now, I confess, that I prefer Senator Sanders to Secretary Clinton. I've drunk that Kool-Aid.

Note, the DNC leadership does appear to also be taking a "Pro-Hillary" stance.  Whatever.  They also took a "Pro-Hillary" stance in 2008, and that worked out so well for Secretary Clinton. Frankly, I feel bad for her that she does have so much baggage that she can get up-started twice.

What's Wrong With You Hillary Supporters??

This question keeps coming up, as if it somehow is important. Really, it's just the same old childish "You're a bad person for not liking what I like [Sanders]! You poopey-head!"
So, I'm thinking "what's wrong with me" is that I live in a word where mentally ill degenerate cockroaches are somehow lionized as heroes, and leaders, and given positions of power where they can influence the future health and prosperity of potentially billions of people.

Clearly I chose the wrong fucking planet to live on.

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