Thursday, April 14, 2016

Transgender is old news - WTF do we suddenly have new laws?

LOL. The meme nails it.

You know what also points out the bullshit about "protecting people" - the fact that trans people have always existed and this hasn't been an issue until now.

Or that predators have always exited, and new laws discriminating against what has never been a problem until now didn't make shit difference. In other words, these new laws "protect" NO ONE, and actually increase the threat level to pretty much everyone.

Seriously, can't you just wait until some ugly kid gets assaulted because assholes think the kid is faking it?

I'm not kidding. There are some girls who have thicker hair that some asshole is going to decide are "male sideburns" and be absolutely convinced she has a dick, and beat her up, and some self-righteous prick of a school admin or sheriff is going to wave it off as "Well, they meant well." And then we''re one step away from "They meant well, certain she was a man disguising herself as a woman, and just got carried away with the whole rape part...."

Or the skinny boy who gets attacked, because assholes think he's a girl. That's going to be even uglier, when his assailants find themselves embarrassed because they just groped a guy and can't have their friends laughing at them for being so stupid.

Yep. This anti-LGBT shit isn't about "protection," unless you mean "protection of the elitist pigs by keeping the peasants fighting among themselves."

It's all about control. It's Class Warfare, Bitches.

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