Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If we licensed cars like we license guns, everyone would be dead already

We don't require people to have driver licenses as some kind of tax gimmick.  We require them to demonstrate competency, because someone hurtling around with 2 tons of steel needs to know how to do it safely, and how to obey the law.

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As the meme points out - cars are not built to kill people.  Cars can kill people, but only by accident, or by trying really hard to do it (it actually is difficult to run someone down, unless that person is totally obtuse).

Guns, on the other hand, are built specifically to kill - and they're small, don't require any skill to point-and-murder and are dirt cheap.

So, don't you - either as a gun owner, or not a gun owner - owe it to your own family to make sure your gun-owning neighbors have demonstrated proficiency, competency, knowledge of lawful use of a device-meant-only-to-kill, etc., etc.?

Yes, seriously, you do.  Think about that.

Being a "responsible" gun owner means you make sure everyone - including you and your family - have demonstrated competency with usage, safe handling, safe storage, and lawful use of a firearm.

Do you want your kids playing at the gun-owning neighbors house, without being sure the gun-owning neighbor has kept the guns locked up?  Seriously, toddlers-with-guns kill more Americans every year than terrorists do (yes, even domestic terrorists).

So, stop being stupid and start supporting reasonable gun laws.

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