Wednesday, November 4, 2015

That guy who used to be pro-choice until

"Yeah, I'm that guy who used to be Pro-Choice until listening to an abortion survivor speak. "

It's not my intention to call out the guy who wrote that sentence. It's my intention to run with the fact that someone said it at all.

Survivor of what? Back alley abortion? Clean, safe legal abortion?

The guilt a woman feels over making the choice to have an abortion gives her neither right nor privilege to stop other women making that choice. and it's an even lamer excuse for someone else entirely to decide he needs to dictate what others are allowed to do.

That's like saying "I chose to have a gun in my house, and someone died, therefore no one else is allowed the choice to have a gun in their home."

And in any case, the simple fact remains: It's not your body, motherfucker, so shove your righteous opinion up your ass.

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