Friday, November 6, 2015

Cats vs Dogs vs Pie

One of the reasons I prefer cats to dogs, is that while cats do also steal food, they are more circumspect about it.  Cats are slow and methodical hunters. Dogs have poor impulse control, and attack quickly and defiantly, lunging in to snap hard and shake the kill.

I bake slightly more often than never.  Baking is a pain in the ass. It is a massive time sink, the whole preparation crap and cleaning crap.  It's one of those things done on special occasions, like birthdays and friends from out of town. And when it turns out well, one feels immense pride, and wants people to enjoy it.  Shit like that.

You can usually stop the cat before the entire pie is destroyed. Dogs only need about two seconds of gap in the constant supervision required to control their nose-commands-stomach behavioral disorder.

I love my man, and his dog, but I'm not sure I will forgive this one.

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