Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Murdering Planned Parenthood Employees is Wrong

I believe the only appropriate response of a moral and just person to the mass murder of adults, by an adult, at a Planned Parenthood facility is this:

Because I believe murder is wrong, 
I am opposed to the mass shooting events at Planned Parenthood facilities, 
as murder is always a tragedy.

Therefore, these men who commit mass shootings at Planned Parenthood are 
vile, disgusting, murderers, and are villains, NOT heroes.

To anyone who calls these shooters and murderers “heroes”: I’m calling you a hypocrite, with your “value life” crap hollow and only when convenient to making you feel good and righteous. It’s bullshit to say you condone murder because you're all about the sanctity of life.

Now, let’s take the subject of the married woman who visits Planned Parenthood to get birth control pills, so she can enjoy sex with her husband, but they're not ready to start a family.

Let's take the case of the teenager who is being incestuously raped by her father, but won't tell the police, because they would rip her family apart, but she wants birth control pills to avoid pregnancy, because that would rip the family apart worse.

Now, some asshole comes in and murders them, in the name of God, and a bunch of other assholes lionize this man for murdering two people who were just trying to be responsible and PLAN their terms of PARENTHOOD rather than have it controlled by an outside force, like God, for example.

And I went to high school with this girl, and I met this wife in college, so stop pooh-poohing that I’m making up some “ivory tower” hypothetical. Thankfully neither were murdered by some psychopath, but what will you do when it does happen? Jump through hoops - like a hypocrite - to say “Well, they ought to have been somewhere else, too bad they got themselves murdered for their bad choice of where to shop, because I won't stop feeling good that they were murdered!”?

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