Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Robert Dear is a murderer - NOT a hero

This meme is beautiful, because it lays out the reality that there is an entire industry that has been built around cultivating and venerating these murderous psychopaths.

It's not an organized industry - it's more like a collection of terrorist cells. Each part of the machinery knows there are other parts who will give them money, fame, power, and glory for pushing their individual parts - the assholes who make carefully engineered, and carefully edited videos creating very deceptive images of Planned Parenthood*, the assholes who repeat the sound byte message again and again, the politicians who create their own sound bytes like mindless demagogues. 

It's all part and parcel of an overall agenda to nurture and cultivate "lone wolves" into violence.

Then these "lone wolves" are worshiped, which only encourages more lunatics to see glory by committing violent mass murder.

(* And if you think "four hours of unedited video" wasn't carefully orchestrated and edited then you're a moron.)

It's not a complicated question whether or not this guy is a "hero." He's not; he is a villain, and a particularly pathetic one, too. However,  instead of condemning a murderer for committing murder, people try to make him a hero and associate themselves with him by saying "We share a common belief system." This suggests they somehow consider it acceptable to "murder murderers."

When faced with their hypocracy, they could simply respond "I think murder is wrong, and I condem him for murder, even though I am also glad that his victims are not participating in a clinic where I consider that babies are murdered," but they don't, because they know they're full of shit, and the only way to sustain a mutually exclusionary value system is to only discuss it in scripted phrases and short sentences, instead of complex expressions.

My point remains that Robert Dear did not commit his murderous actions (he has stated he committed murder, so I'll skip the "alleged" phase, for purposes of discussion) in a vacuum.

The meme states it quite clearly - there are literally thousands of people who encouraged him, who pushed his buttons, and who whipped his twisted mind into a place where he considers (not just considered) murdering other human beings to be morally acceptable behavior (nevermind the Sixth Commandment).

We cannot call murder "the capital crime," with one breathe, and with the next start setting exceptions. Either we value life, and condemn murder, or we consider murder a virtue and therefore life is valueless.

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