Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ovomit - new and disgusting lows in depravity bravely plowed by rwNJs

"Ovomit" - seriously???

And the rwNJ reach a new low in their ability to be disgusting, vulgar, mindless, hate-filled, stupid,  and spit on America, all in a single word.

Then again, for people so vulgar and degraded as to openly compare the President Of The United States of America to Vomit, they  probably don't really worry about logic, since anything and everything - gosh, even walking down the street on a sunny day - is enough excuse to hurl around random and irrational invectives just to vent their tired old spleens.

But, you know, obviously I'm expecting way too much from people who also develop memes like these disgusting gems:

Because, really, let's face it, they irrationally hate the President and America more than they love even their guns. Wheeee.

This last one is, in fact, an insult to the Marines, and the Marines should be pissed.  As individuals, they may not like this President, but as Marines, they Respect The Goddamn Office, because he's the goddamn President.  No Marine worth a piss would disrespect a sitting President like this, especially not in public.

Jesus fucking Christ, why won't the rwNJ slither back into the disturbed little cesspit they crawled out of?

Please, please, please, fucking please, could they all just grow past fourth-grade hair-pulling, potty-humor-filled, tantrum-throwing mindless dumb-fuckery!! 

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