Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Gun Theory: Fashion over Function

What kind of gun is this? Is it worth crap? I'm far from an expert, but that thing looks like something built to look cool, while being dirt cheap to mass produce for people too dumb to distinguish "looks cool" from "actually useful."

Someone told me a story yesterday of an altercation her son had with her new husband. After "heated words," the next time her son came over, he was wearing his gun.

That is to say, her son, who had been an amateur boxer, did regular weight-lifting, felt so threatened by a man 30 years older than him, who had never in his life used a gun, that her son had to wear his gun to her house as a threat display.

You know what that says to me? Gun owners are chickenshit sissies. That's what it says to me. They need to grow some ovaries, woman-up, and not be so chickenshit.

(and while G+ still lasts, see also this original thread)


  1. Yep. It's another one of those impractical movie-prop guns, complete with tactical flashlight and heat shield you don't need unless you have a Class III and it's full-auto.

    It's fine for posing in photos. But, if you lug a rifle through the forest all day, weight suddenly becomes really important to you. Out comes the screwdriver and all that weight-adding nonsense comes off. What's more, if you're an actual SWAT person and find yourself in close-quarters combat, milliseconds count and you don't want any extra weight out at the muzzle end of the gun, impairing your ability to slew around quickly. All that crap comes off.