Friday, February 8, 2019

Fiction Friday: Gangs of Mew-York

Yeah, I know, one of the running jokes about the Internet is that it has two functions: Porn and looking at pictures of cats.

Well, animals are funny that crapass human beings.  Animals have a certain innocence, because they are rarely cruel, and when they are, we intuitively understand their small brains limit their ability to be malevolently cruel.

Unlike humans, whose big brains make them prideful, and pride and arrogance and selfishness make humans unbelievably stupid.

"Humans can know better, while animals cannot."

Except when we anthropomorphize things, and a picture like this inspires the silly concept of a world where cats rule, and a group of cats behaves like a prideful gang of humans, stalking the streets, picking up their mates, looking for a rumble.

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