Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It’s a Gun, Not a Condom 6 - Mandatory Firearm Insurance

I'm not anti-gun, I'm anti-stupid.

I support mandatory firearm training, licensing, and insurance.

Unlike a car, a gun has the singular purpose to kill things. Handguns are meant to kill humans. But, let's treat them like cars, anyway, which is smarter than we do now.

I weary of "If the gummit knows I have guns, then they know which guns to take away."

So what? You've got guns! Isn't that the entire point? You have guns to stop them taking your guns, it doesn't matter a rat's ass if they know about them, or not. The entire point is that you're already planning to use your guns to stop them from taking your guns, so nothing changes.

I think the truth is that people are really afraid the cops will stop coming when there are real crimes committed.

Cop: "We got a call of a robbery in progress. Says here they've got 150 guns in that neighborhood. Fuck that. We'll send them the paperwork and they can sort it out themselves."

I mean, isn't that the entire naive premise of "more guns make a more polite society"? That everyone is so terrified of everyone else, no one will possibly ever want to pull a gun?

Remember the whole "Nobama is sending the Army into Texas to take away everyone's guns"?

Sure you do. You couldn't fucking miss how the Fox noise asshats were telling people about it.

1) didn't happen, did it;

2) It's illegal to use the Army against US territories, like Texas. Go ahead and secede you assholes, then you're a foreign nation and we've still got the world's biggest fucking Army, and all you have is a bunch of untrained vigilante wannabes;

3) Real Patriots join the Army, instead of playing Armyman at the Wal-Mart with an assault rifle to buy cookies. This means the Army is composed of Real Patriots who will refuse orders to invade a US territory. 

See the tinfoil hat people completely fail to comprehend the Army is made of people, and people have loyalties to their country, and aren't robots who automatically do whatever they are told. Tinfoil hat people think everyone is as screwed up as they are, so assume everyone will do the same stupid things they will;

4) Remember where I said everyone was talking for months about how the buildup and planning was all about taking away people's guns? Months. You think anyone would fail to notice some "secret mobilization of the Army"? Don't be a moron. Even if it was legal (which it isn't) to use the Army like that, everyone would know months or years in advance, and the entire operation would be a failure before it even got momentum to think about getting started.

This kind of tinfoil conspiracy shit like "they'll take away my guns if I register them" is stupid and irresponsible.

Those kind of stupid and irresponsible people make rational, reasonable, concerned gun owners look like idiots, and make everyone - including gun owners sane and insane - ever more afraid of gun-owners.

And that makes the gun MANUFACTURERS very, very wealthy.

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