Monday, September 21, 2015

Musical Monday: Twerking Stormtroopers and other awesome Star Wars parodies

Everyone loves Star Wars. George Lucas had a great story, and managed to create an amazing world, with truly loveable characters, and did a wonderful job making that word accessible to millions (billions?) of fans around the world.

The people at Disney might think they bought Star Wars from Lucas, but the truth is they only bought the rights to generate revenue off it. Star Wars belonged to the fans by Christmas 1977. The mob had claimed it for themselves.

Here is a trio of fan vids to emphasize my point. Plus, they're just fun to watch. Obviously the people involved had tons of fun.

Stormtrooper Twerk!

It is my opinion that one reason "Everyday I'm Shuffling" took off so well, was because of that singing house video. But, maybe not. I do remember *everyone* thought it was frickin' cool when the band went and performed in front of the house! That's serious fan love, that is.  It's also a fun song, and the LMFAO guys did a great job with humorous follow-ups.

This young woman does a great job looking like Natalie Portman. She also spent a lot of time getting this put together, in what looks like multiple conventions. She did a great job getting buy-in from different cosplayers and probably set managers and property owners. That's mad fan passion. Good for her!

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