Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm an acquired taste - the Blessed Blogger

I have Views. That's why I'm online. Many of these Views would be awkward to express in real life. In real life, you have to look people in the eye, and get along with them tomorrow. They gossip to friends, family, clients, whomever.

Gossip sucks. Gossip ruins lives. It makes life awkward. In real life, people are just as stupid as they are online. The advantage to online is the illusion of anonymity. Yes, if people really tried, really hard, they could backtrace and find the meat world me. 

They'd all be horribly disappointed, as the meat world me is actually fairly reserved (the bombastic me expresses herself online). I'm also "cute," more than "pretty," but appearances are an acquired taste. In any case, I'm a lot more attractive in your imagination, so do us both a favor and leave it at that.

I've been blessed in my online friendships. You're all crazy wonderful people, and thank you for sharing this experiment with me.

Whenever my "Followers" number spikes (and it does spike - it's not a steady growth, it just jumps in fits and starts), I always feel a weird need to say "Hey, you know I'm crazy, right?"

It's like I want to warn people. Or something. I think I finally sorted out that I don't want people to be *disappointed* if I'm somehow not what they imagined. *Disappointed* people do stupid things, like seek petty revenge, or even turn to bullying in some petty need to lash out. 

Online bullying the last few years has turned bizzaro, insanely, ugly. You've heard of "SWATting," right? Apparently this is quite real, and involves calling in a fake hostage situation against the bully's victim. The cops - because it's their job to rescue people - send the fucking SWAT team to the bully victim's home.

SWAT teams carry military grade gear. That means the bully's victim, and anyone else in the house, are immediately at risk of getting killed.

All because some deranged, small-minded, little tit thought it was somehow a "funny" way to exact revenge for not having his fantasies fulfilled.

Anyway, I'm working on letting go of my need to "warn" new fans that I'm crazy, or have Views. If they don't look before they leap, then they're responsible for being exposed to my relentless efforts to get them to Use Their Damn Brains.

You are all wonderful, and I'm grateful we have connected.

Y'all know I'm crazy, right? :)

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