Monday, September 14, 2015

Musical Monday - ELUVEITIE - The Call Of The Mountains

I love the sound of this one.

My apologies, but I think someone told me about this video, and I can't remember whom it was. If it was you, shout out, okay?  I think it was that one time I said "Hey, give me some musical suggestions!"  I flagged the video, but cannot find that post, anymore.  (Apparently I post a lot on G+.)

I really like the combination of classical accoustic instruments - like violins or wind instruments - with modern rock instruments (e.g. 2Cellos, The Harp Twins, "One Night in Bangkok").

I've also mentioned how I enjoy playing Bards in D&D (and songs about D&D).

As you can guess, this vid hits all my notes. So far, the only one to come close to "The Call of the Mountains" is "Drink!"

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