Monday, September 14, 2015

661 views in one day ?!?!

Five minutes and two weeks ago was my previous record of 265 views in one day!

New personal best! 661 views in one day, on Sept 12! Wow! Feelin' the love!

Of course, someone also called me a "hater," for the first time ever, which is actually kind of funny, so it was a day of "firsts."

(I can't even manage to hate Rush Limbaugh, and he represents just about everything I loathe in a human being, and he's spent my lifetime hurting America, so he'd be someone I'd "hate" for sure. I mean, seriously, deep down, I'm too reasonable and empathic to be a "hater." I guess I can be hurt by that, or just laugh. I think I'll laugh, especially since that "hater" guy got my gender wrong, which means he really isn't talking about  me, anyway, but some abstract reflection of himself. Ha.)

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