Monday, July 10, 2017

Traitors Trump

The Donald said he would burn the GOP to the ground. The sweet irony that the GOP lost control of the mob they created, and a charlatan like Trump stole the mob from them.

That would the The Donald The Treasonous Traitor, by the way.

I really want this whole thing to blow up so big, that even Vice President Pence and the GOP recognize it would be suicide to pardon these traitors.

...and then I want Vice President Pence to pardon these traitors...

...because then,  the Sleeping American Majority, which is just now starting to rouse from its complacency and tolerance of the oligarch-worshiping ignorance-embracing hate-driven cancer eating at our underbelly, May finally awaken and the civil upheaval  and accompanying painful growth spurt can finally happen.

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