Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Men sitting on toilets

Guy Friend: "Don't you just hate it when your sitting on the toilet, and you realize too late that things are a bit stuck together, and suddenly you're peeing all over your nuts?"

Me: blink blink
"Um, gosh. Um. Yeah, that sounds pretty gross. Um."

Guy Friend: "Such a mess to clean up, especially in a public bathroom, where you can't get to the sink for a wet towel."

I don't think I'll ever see men the same way ever again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's your child unless you're gay

So let me get this right. In America today, a hetero rapist can block his rape victim from having an abortion, and the rapist can sue for (and win) visitation rights to the bastard offspring, but a gay man cannot legally be listed as the biological father of his genetic offspring? I wonder if he could if he'd raped the woman instead of using a laboratory to artificially inseminate her...


America today is such a fucked up mess of irrational contradictions based on inconsistent self-righteous non-rational morality.

I mean, seriously, we've been waging a battle since the 1980s to hold biological fathers financially accountable for the children they bring into the world. And we throw in the moralizing about being a man, being a father, and children with two parents turn out better adjusted, and blah, blah, blah.

Let's be real, the moralizing is really about reducing the financial burden on the nanny state, and those "welfare moms" are such sluts, anyway, so now we cut the financial aid to help poor children, so those dads better fucking pony up, right?  Yeah, there's a pile of irrationality in there, with a kernel of good sense (children really do better in two parent homes, there's no argument there, and any man shoving his dick into a woman does have a responsibility for the consequences) (but let's not elaborate too much on either of those two points, or we're back to splitting hairs in useless ways.).

Anyway, some judge in Texas decided two men - who are the biological sperm donors, and therefore 30 years of law says they are responsible for being the fathers are now suddenly denied the right (and obligation) to be the fathers they are supposed to be.  Okay, contradiction much?

It's interesting the article doesn't address the issue of whether this judge denied them parenthood because the laws of Texas are so fucked up, or if the judge was legislating from the bench.  Given that Texas has been owned by the GOP and "conservatives" for more than 20 years, this judge is probably a "conservative," and therefore probably moralizing from the bench.  Both of those last two points may be wrong, since as I said, the GOP and "conservatives" have been screwing up the laws in Texas for decades, so it may simply be the  law put the otherwise reasonable and rational judge into this absurdist position.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The GOP victory when Justice wins, but the Truth loses

Alas, this is what the GOP expected and I bet they're already spinning it to their advantage.

It was never about the law - it was always about theatrics. Put on a show about how the "damn liberals" "love the perverts" and "hate good Christian family values." Never mind that the entire premise is a house of cards built in hatred, bullshit and lies. Nevermind human dignity, truth, justice or the rule of law.

It's always been about FUD and creating more FUD to scare convince people to vote for the increasingly anti-democracy GOP.

Need "proof"? How many conversations have you had in which politically moderate people really think HB2 was about protecting women and children from perverts wanting to dress up and invade the ladies' loo? Those confused people are exactly the people being targeted by this "conversion therapy" of FUD.

When the prize is power, silly ideals like "truth" and "justice" are disposable.

With this court ruling, justice and Mom's Apple Pie have gained a victory, but integrity and the truth got kicked in the teeth by greedElitist Opportunistic Pigs who also gained the showcase theatrical victory they were after.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Protect YOUR privacy - stop Missouri's invasion of medical privacy

Let's call this "enlightened self-interest" - see, the GOP want some medical records of people whom they consider "bad people." 

Well, who defines "bad people"? How soon before "bad people" includes you? Will you have a choice in the matter?
Even if you think artificial termination of pregnancy is the sin of all sins, escalating the crime with invasion of privacy, public humilation, and reckless endangerment is adding sin to sin, and makes those complicit as vile and evil as those who drive forward with such invasions.

And, I'll say it again - it's an erosion of the rights to privacy that we all take for granted.  You may hate abortion, but this is a privacy matter, and how long before someone decides you're the "wrong kind of person" and your privacy needs to be invaded, possibly by the police hauling you off to jail?

Help stop Missouri's attack on privacy for women

Below are excerpts from an email I received. It doesn't fucking matter who sent the email. The point is that your rights to privacy are being chewed away, and it's only a matter of time before it's your ass being publicly hung out to dry and endangered for a private life choice you made.

Last November, the Missouri State Senate committee demanded that the last abortion provider in the state turn over six years worth of consent forms.

To comply would not only violate medical privacy, it would expose tens of thousands of women to harassment and intimidation by .. extremists.

The .. Missouri State Senate is STILL demanding the signed consent forms of every woman who's had an abortion in the state over the last six years.

And now they've called on the CEO of the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis to testify on why she shouldn't be thrown in jail for refusing this order.

[reminds me of the memes that say "it is a patriot's duty to disobey unjust laws - oh, wait, unless they're "bad people"?]

We're already seeing a huge spike in clinic violence. Now these .. Republicans want to provide the extremists with a road map to virtually every woman in the state who's exercised her constitutionally protected right ..

We're fighting to demand .. Republicans drop this outrageous attack.

And, just as a reminder - again - this kind of assault on privacy rights is class warfare - don't for a minute think the elitist oligarchs would permit themselves to be subjected to this - they're trying to recreate a two-tiered society of the neo-nobility and the peasants that lie down in the road so the oligarchs don't muddy their shoes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clinton, Sanders, or Cockroaches... Decisions, decisions

The meme points out that the increasing contention between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders risks splitting the Democratic voting block, as the two mobs of fanatic supporters start throwing tantrums and yelling at each other, as if this was some bizarro sports rivalry, or mobs of kids fighting over the play equipment on the school yard.  Because, you know, humans just gotta have their "Us vs Them" mentality.  People are stupid.

Now, I confess, that I prefer Senator Sanders to Secretary Clinton. I've drunk that Kool-Aid.

Note, the DNC leadership does appear to also be taking a "Pro-Hillary" stance.  Whatever.  They also took a "Pro-Hillary" stance in 2008, and that worked out so well for Secretary Clinton. Frankly, I feel bad for her that she does have so much baggage that she can get up-started twice.

What's Wrong With You Hillary Supporters??

This question keeps coming up, as if it somehow is important. Really, it's just the same old childish "You're a bad person for not liking what I like [Sanders]! You poopey-head!"
So, I'm thinking "what's wrong with me" is that I live in a word where mentally ill degenerate cockroaches are somehow lionized as heroes, and leaders, and given positions of power where they can influence the future health and prosperity of potentially billions of people.

Clearly I chose the wrong fucking planet to live on.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fiction Friday - Guys Love Boob Armor

There is no escaping it. Guys love boob armor. It's become an iconic staple of, well, everything.  But, the reality is that boob armor is terrible about blocking swords and things.  And, women can still be totally sexy in useful armor.  Women may not be built for the same upper body strength as men, but we can be just as quick and deadly.  Besides, the lower center of gravity means we're less likely to fall over when swinging that big mace, right?

Here is a great vid which discusses historical armor, and why the chainmail bikini is silly, even if it is sexy.

And, just to update the modern fantasy legend, here are some more great examples of totally silly boob armor.

I've heard from a couple of sources that the original Star Wars stormtroopers had a lot of women in those costumes - that Lucas was literally putting anybody in the armor, to have enough extras stomping around.  Good for him. Chicks rule.

Okay, that last one does actually look even sillier than the previous examples. At least with the bare midriff, their wearing the lampshade of "sex sells."  Then again, this last model really highlights the absurdity of boob armor. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Transgender is old news - WTF do we suddenly have new laws?

LOL. The meme nails it.

You know what also points out the bullshit about "protecting people" - the fact that trans people have always existed and this hasn't been an issue until now.

Or that predators have always exited, and new laws discriminating against what has never been a problem until now didn't make shit difference. In other words, these new laws "protect" NO ONE, and actually increase the threat level to pretty much everyone.

Seriously, can't you just wait until some ugly kid gets assaulted because assholes think the kid is faking it?

I'm not kidding. There are some girls who have thicker hair that some asshole is going to decide are "male sideburns" and be absolutely convinced she has a dick, and beat her up, and some self-righteous prick of a school admin or sheriff is going to wave it off as "Well, they meant well." And then we''re one step away from "They meant well, certain she was a man disguising herself as a woman, and just got carried away with the whole rape part...."

Or the skinny boy who gets attacked, because assholes think he's a girl. That's going to be even uglier, when his assailants find themselves embarrassed because they just groped a guy and can't have their friends laughing at them for being so stupid.

Yep. This anti-LGBT shit isn't about "protection," unless you mean "protection of the elitist pigs by keeping the peasants fighting among themselves."

It's all about control. It's Class Warfare, Bitches.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

School slut-shames teacher

What we really need to do now is start teaching privacy rights in grade school, before kids can develop the nothing that "just because I can share it with the damn world, doesn't mean it's ethical, legal, and won't get my ass doxxed for doing it."

Breach of privacy, invasion (and theft) of personal property, deliberate attempt to publicly humiliate and ruin another person, apparently over some petty childish revenge (probably petty, moronic, childish revenge for some other action the student was justly punished for in the first place).

I say another case where the schools - and social reinforcement from classmates - can supplement the home system. Argue the ethics at home, the laws at school, but you run a "game" where school kids sneak pix of each other in class, then throw them up on a big screen, and suddenly they start grasping the concept of "Hey, that's mean to take a picture of me picking my nose when I thought no one was looking!" and the "Oh, shit" factor sinks in really fast about the damage sending half-nekked pix (especially selfies) will do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If we licensed cars like we license guns, everyone would be dead already

We don't require people to have driver licenses as some kind of tax gimmick.  We require them to demonstrate competency, because someone hurtling around with 2 tons of steel needs to know how to do it safely, and how to obey the law.

Photo: , s

As the meme points out - cars are not built to kill people.  Cars can kill people, but only by accident, or by trying really hard to do it (it actually is difficult to run someone down, unless that person is totally obtuse).

Guns, on the other hand, are built specifically to kill - and they're small, don't require any skill to point-and-murder and are dirt cheap.

So, don't you - either as a gun owner, or not a gun owner - owe it to your own family to make sure your gun-owning neighbors have demonstrated proficiency, competency, knowledge of lawful use of a device-meant-only-to-kill, etc., etc.?

Yes, seriously, you do.  Think about that.

Being a "responsible" gun owner means you make sure everyone - including you and your family - have demonstrated competency with usage, safe handling, safe storage, and lawful use of a firearm.

Do you want your kids playing at the gun-owning neighbors house, without being sure the gun-owning neighbor has kept the guns locked up?  Seriously, toddlers-with-guns kill more Americans every year than terrorists do (yes, even domestic terrorists).

So, stop being stupid and start supporting reasonable gun laws.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Musical Monday - Meghan Trainor - "NO"

It's a totally silly video, but still fun.  I like that Meghan Trainor is working on a message of empowerment.  She's also working the marketing machine at the same time. Kind of like "don't sell yourself on sex, but sex sells, so we'll just wear the fucking lampshade."

I mean, a "fishnet stocking orgy" (as one commenter wrote)?  That's seriously wearing the fucking lampshade ;-)

I like the weird industrial look of the video.  Reminds me of Shadowrun or Amaranthe's The Nexus. The red hair also gives her a more serious look, and I think flatters her more than the blonde did.

Rock on Meghan - I'm liking your work ;-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sean K. Reynolds wrote in response to this:

April is sexual assault awareness month.
• Touching another person in a sexual manner or sexual part of their body without their permission is sexual assault or sexual battery. Making unwanted sexual comments about someone is sexual harassment.
• Don't tolerate this behavior in a game store, comic book store, convention, or at your gaming table. Or anywhere. Don't excuse it, don't explain it, don't downplay it.
• Don't let strangers do it. Don't let acquaintances do it. Don't let your friends do it. Don't do it.
• Speak up if you see it. It'll be awkward for a minute, but you're a gamer, you're used to being awkward. You feeling awkward for a minute is better than someone else feeling assaulted.
• Yes, gamers are usually socially marginalized people. That doesn't mean they should get away with groping, harassing, or sexually assaulting anyone.

I've addressed some of this before.  You don't need to know which of these issues I can identify with personally. Let's leave it at I've been lucky, but I've got more experiences than I want.

I'm a woman. And a gamer.  I've experienced sexism in gaming. I've experienced sexism in life.  It pisses me off.  I choose my battles.  People suck.

The author at Latining writes (among other things in her lengthy post):

Astute readers will note there is no specific provision for internet harassment, although death threats are one of the most prominent and effective ways of driving women and POC from communities. While the topic of online harassment has centred around white women, it is not uncommon for any minority to receive death threats and other forms of intimidation when they express their concerns with the gaming community’s acceptance of racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted behavior.

Rules of life:
  • Try not to be a jerk;
  • Don't let your friends be jerks;
  • Respect other human beings as you want to be respected;
  • When in doubt, keep your hands to yourself.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

No one wants your damn gun

So, basically by now you've heard about Jamie Gilt getting shot by her toddler.

And yes, toddlers killed more Americans in 2015 than terrorists did.

A quick Google search on "can the government take your guns" turns up the first 39 hits are rwNJ sites telling us to Be Very Afraid the gummit is coming for our guns.  And the 40th hit was Snopes explaining (again!) that the California law that allows concerned family members to petition a judge to get a court order to take guns away from a mentally ill person had nothing to do with Obama.

Now, see, there are two key elements there - the only people convinced anyone is coming for your guns is you.  Well, and the people who want you to be paranoid, afraid, and BUY GUNS.  Seriously, people.  You don't think the fucking Second Amendment is so goddamn entrenched that the only way anyone can take your guns would be by declaring martial law?  (Oh, right, they did declare martial law after Katrina wiped out the entire fucking state of LouisianaAnd a handful of guns got taken away.  After declaring martial law after a national disaster  - a disaster so bad - and the Bush Administration response was so weak - that foreign countries sent US aid.  OMG.)


Get it?  Can I beat that through your thick skull any harder?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pouting trantrums

I predict Trump is going to be the next President, because half the libdem fucktards are going to be at home pouting like temperamental children that their Chosen Candidate wasn't actually the chosen candidate.

God, please, please, please, can I get off this Stupid Train already?!

I mean, Goddamnit people, the GOP have been actively trying to suppress Democratic voting for years, and now you want to give them victory by staying home??

Every damn time one of you morons says "I refuse to vote for Clinton/Sanders" Karl Rove cackles manically to himself in his dungeon, and the Koch Brothers break open another bottle of campagne over some functionary's head.

No, seriously. They've spent million$ trying to get you to stay home, or to prevent you from voting, and now you want to do their work for them.

Congratulations, you're letting the terrorists win. Fuck you.