Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A (political) summation of Modern America

The DNC leadership fucked up, big time, during #Electiongeddon2016 - no question about that.

The DNC is a ratbag of anyone not very nearly literally a fascist. That is a huge spectrum from "right of center" to "way far left of left," which means the DNC can't muster a common message.

Unlike, say, the GOP, which demands lockstep behavior, often amounting to whatever Fox News says that week, which makes them look more coherent. They also sell the lie that the DNC are "out of touch with Americans."

Well, duh, because your California liberal Democrats value different things than your Kansas Democrats, but the GOP always have the same message across the spectrum, and that same message is always a pile of shit, because that message is a total pile of false promises, in every state.

At the end of the day, the DNC aren't "losing" to the GOP, despite the problems of the DNC leadership - the problem is that an self-indulgent, happy-to-be-ignorant public keeps buying the bald-faced lies, false promises, and naked racism and bigotry of the GOP.

The GOP aren't fooling anyone who isn't choosing to be fooled.

Friday, November 24, 2017

It's TOO EARLY to complain about having your ass grabbed!

Grabbing a woman's ass without permission is wrong.

But, seriously, "Al Franken grabbed my ass" is a seriously problematic distraction from the heinous and dangerous predators like Roy Moore, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas. Christ on a Crutch, four of those six have their own Wikipedia articles just for sexual assault allegations against them.

Being groped is wrong, but right now is NOT the time to distract the already easily overloaded average idiot. Remember, the average idiot is 1) confused about everything, 2) always ready to say "See, I knew it was all overblown! I can now go back to ignoring women who complain about sexual harassment!"

Look, ladies, I totally sympathize with you. I really do.  I've had my butt grabbed more times than I can remember, but get some perspective, and choose your time more wisely - this is not the right moment to complain about creepy men - we're still fighting for credibility against being raped!  I know you're struggling with this, but you have to wait, because right now YOU'RE MAKING THINGS WORSE.

(And, yes, I know I risk having my "good libtard" card revoked for this. Fuck that; I'm in this for the long game, and sometimes ethics just has to queue up and wait until the right time.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Coolezt Dad, Evar Awerd

While I am totally nominating you 
for "Coolezt Dad, Evar!" award,
What were you thinking?

Have you read my shit??

Well, to be fair to both of us,
I have done a lot of good writing,
even some great writing, on occasion.

I am very proud of my body of work.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Trump, Weinstein and the Brave Women who rattled the pillars of Heaven

I agree and disagree with Ms Dietz.  She has a  specific and focused point, but misses the bigger picture that the massive cultural shift required for Spacey's career to have been destroyed so quickly, first required that all those women pave the way for it to have happened.

Trump was accused by 15 women of crimes worse than Weinstein.  Same with Cosby (Cosby worse than Weinstein - holy shit, have you seen the current list against Cosby?!).  But, if those women had not come forth - and received death threats, and worse - shifting the public awareness and perception to the reality of the problem - then Weinstein's accusers - famous and beloved as they are - would have been shit on, instead of accepted at face value.

Without Weinstein going down in flames, Spacey's accuser would have been dismissed and ignored (as other men were in years past). Instead, the brave women who came forward with their stories of how Cosby, Trump and Weinstein perpetrated sexual misconduct, made it possible for Spacey's accuser to be taken seriously, and for the response that happened.

Ms Dietz makes a totally valid point that in 2017, the word of men is still treated more seriously than the word of women.  However, it is also extremely important to recognize the successful and massive cultural shift made possible by the women who came before him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nothing Wrong With Being Different

It is the nature of humans to be insane, both individually, and worse as a large mass.  However, that's not quite the same as being a little crazy.

Gun Bunnies: You're Scarring the Kids

My friend's 5 year-old daughter was terrified about going to a school assembly this week; the kid didn't want to get shot.

A kindergartener was afraid of getting shot at school.  Let that sink in.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fiction Friday - A Singing Paladin

Mariƫlle Sylvia Altink - A Singing Paladin

Background & Origin: She was a minstrel, with a natural talent for remembering songs and music, before her conversion of faith.

She was working as a minstrel at a popular carnival town. A high-level adventuring party came through. They had just lost a companion, and were drowning their sorrows in drink. An angel appeared at the table, and called the company by name - “the company that numbers eight shall go forth and do this quest!”  By random dumb luck, she was sitting and chatting with them, and suddenly found herself part of the legendary group, and magically enthralled into a quest!

The adventuring group knew they were stuck with her, and she was stuck with them, so they made the best of it and trained her up right away into her new career. She has a lot of energy and was a fast study.

Combat Tactics:  The crossbow is for sniping when there is time to prepare.  Otherwise, she carries javelins for either a quick thrust, or a quick throw.  Once the target is close enough, she hits people with her greataxe.

Her core powers make her a bit of a rallying point for her allies. She stays to the front, with the mainline damage dealers, as frontline tank and healer.

She treats her primary role as frontline support, and her favorite combat spell is bless, since her and her allies get a huge boost for relatively minor resource consumption (allies within 10 feet of her, and under a bless effect, gain +4+1d4 bonus on every saving throw).

Personality Traits: At heart, she is a philosopher and entertainer, but she got caught up in something bigger than herself, and has embraced it.  If nothing else, it let’s her collect new songs and music she would never have encountered before.

Appearance: 5’ 5” and a muscular build. Her hair is auburn-red.

Powers:  She is a half-elf paladin with a natural talent for learning and remembering songs and music.  

Powers: Extensive martial training and spell casting.

Notes:  Model unknown.  Character by I.A. Riley November, 2016.

scandanavian woman.jpg
(model unknown)

Mariƫlle Sylvia Altink - D&D 5e

Neutral Good Half-Elf Paladin 7

Strength     16 (+3)
Dexterity     10
Constitution     14 (+2)
Intelligence     8 (-1)
Wisdom     12 (+1)
Charisma     18 (+4)

Hit Points    60
Armor Class     18
Speed         30 ft

Proficiency Bonus: +3
Saving Throw Totals:  Strength (+7), Dexterity (+4), Constitution (+5), Intelligence (+3), Wisdom (+8), Charisma (+11) (italics means proficient save)(modifiers already include her Aura of Protection) 

Racial Features: Immune to magical sleep effects; Darkvision 60 ft; advantage on saving throws against being charmed; bonus skills

Background:  Entertainer
Background Features: By Popular Demand (she can always play for room and board)

Combat Proficiencies:  Simple Weapons; Martial Weapons; All Armor; Shields;
Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics (+3), History (+2), Insight (+4), Medicine (+4),  Performance (+7), Religion (+2)
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Musical Instrument (lyre)

Languages: Common, Elvish, Halfling

Class Features:  
  • Aura of Devotion (her and friendly creatures within 10 feet of her can't be charmed while she is conscious);
  • Aura of Protection (when conscious, she and any friendly creatures within 10 feet gain +4 to all saving throws)
  • Channel Divinity (1 use, short or long rest to recover);
    • Sacred Weapon (for one minute, held weapon is treated as magical, gains +4 attack bonus, sheds light to 20/40-foot radius);
    • Turn the Unholy (any fiend or undead must DC 15 Wisdom save or flee from her presence for one minute);
  • Divine Health (immune to disease);
  • Divine Sense (sense celestials, fiends and undead, 60 ft radius, 5 uses, recharge with long rest);
  • Divine Smite (expend paladin spell slots to add radiant damage to melee attacks, chosen after hitting the creature; 1st level slot adds +2d8, 2nd level slot adds +3d8, add +1d8 more if target is undead or a fiend);
  • Extra Attack (she gets two attacks with the Attack action);
  • Spellcasting (DC 15; Spell slots 4/3; typical spells prepared 1st- bless, cure wounds, divine favor, protection from evil and good, sanctuary, shield of faith, 2nd- aid, lesser restoration, magic weapon; spell slots recharge with long rest);
  • Lay on Hands (35 hit points; can be used to treat other conditions; recharge with long rest);
  • Sacred Oath (Oath of Devotion) (Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Honor, Duty).

Equipment: Splint mail armor (AC 17); greataxe (attack +6, 1d12+3 damage, reroll a 1 or 2); five (5) javelins (attack +6, 1d6+3 damage, range 30/120); heavy crossbow (attack +3, damage 1d10, range 100/400); twenty (20) quarrels; Musical instrument (6-string lyre); the favor of an admirer (a love letter); a costume; an explorer's pack; 250 gp

Source -  - Mariette Jacobs -

Document Copyright (C) 2016 by I.A. Riley. All rights reserved.  Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Never Make Death Threats

Listen up liberals, socialists and general lefties (and any mature sane person): DEATH THREATS ARE NEVER OKAY.

Just NO.

Death threats are for morons, assholes and shittards too stupid to think. If you are angry, that's fine. But DO NOT stoop to the level of brainless troll and make death threats.

If you make death threats, ever, it means:

1) you're an asshole;

2) your hated enemy has won, because he has dragged you down to his troglodyte level;

3) your enemy has won, because - in his mind - you have just validated everything he ever projected onto you, and he's going to entrench even more into his stupidity and congratulate himself on being right about you, even though he never has been up until the moment you made a death threat.



End of discussion.