Tuesday, November 18, 2014

13 "Responsible" Gun Owners Commited Murder Today

I saw a bumper sticker (yeah, it was a pickup truck) that read "64,999,987 gun owners did not kill anyone today."

Well, on the surface, that's an impressive number of people failing to kill anyone.

However, I've got a brain, and I bloody well know how to use it. That means I read "13 gun owners murdered someone today." (Because the only reason to put out a number 13 less than 65m, is because your root number is 65m.)

Really? That's what you want to advertise? "Gun owners murder people." That's brilliant! (Note the implicit "Responsible people commit murder, because we don't count those irresponsible criminal types as 'real' gun owners.")

Well, here's another one to put on your truck, moron: "I'm a callous bastard, and I don't care that 13 people died TODAY - EVERY DAY - just as long as I get to keep MY bang-bang stick."

I hope your bang-bang stick gives you a daily orgasm, because if we assume that those thirteen murderous gun owners each killed ONLY one person, that means 13 people not going home that night.

It means 13 mothers, fathers, spouses or children wondering - forever - why their loved one didn't come home.

It means 13 people who no longer contribute to the economic health of our nation.

It also means 13 gun owners wasting your money and mine forcing the police to do an investigation, possibly the district attorney to do a prosecution, and possibly a shitload of time in jail - on the public dollar (meaning your money and mine, because I would be unsurprised if the head of the NRA has enough tax deductions to pay less than you and I - remember that Mitt Romney could have paid ZERO taxes on $42m income for the ONE and only tax return he made public).

Can I get 64,999,987 gun owners to pull their collective heads out of their collective butts and have a reasonable discussion about how to stop murderers and insane people from becoming gun owners?

(And don't give me that self-righteous "Well, I own a gun, and I support gun control," because you own a gun, which means the aforementioned moron has dragged your head up his butt, so - to repeat myself - pull your collective heads out of your collective butts.)

(And don't give me any self-righteous bullcrap about how I want to take your guns away, because unless you're a psychotic dick, I don't care about your gun, and a huge percentage of those 65m gun owners happen to be liberals and conservatives who want to have a reasonable conversation and are sick as crap of hearing the dumbass "you can pry my gun from my cold dead fingers," because if you're that much of an ass, then maybe that's the best use for you.)

Clean up your own damn house, people, and you won't have to deal with outsiders having to clean up after you.

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