Thursday, January 14, 2021

Don't stand with batshit crazy people

I get being passionate about what you believe in, but some people have gone completely over the edge and checked out of reality.

No one broke into the Capital Building on January 6, 2021, by accident. They all traveled from great distances, at the behest of the most corrupt President in history, who had just spent months whining about how the American people fired him, and then he sent them off to raid the Capital Building, with intent to harm "his enemies."

They all went thru a long series of bad choices, before finding themselves unlawfully in that building. And now they're being arrested, and losing their jobs.  And I don't feel bad for them. You don't get to make a long series of bad choices - lots of opportunities to change direction - culminating in illegal and destructive acts, and get sympathy for being stupid. It's called "personal responsibility."  You fucked up, buttercup, suck it up.

If you're on the side of batshit crazy, then you're on the wrong side.

Inauguration Day 2021

I have a bad feeling about the United States Inauguration Day 2021.  Personally, I think Rep. Nancy Pelosi needs to be in California that day.  This is because Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are sworn in during the same ceremony, one right after the other, which means they are in the same place, at the same time.

Speaker of the House Pelosi is next in the chain of command, should shit happen.

Lunatics willing to storm the Capital Building are willing to plant Very Large Bombs in DC that day, possibly nuclear, if the lunatics can get ahold of them.  They're batshit crazy enough to consider everyone in DC - especially the "anti-Trump" Republicans - to be a "traitor," and President Trump (sexual predator, traitor) has already announced he won't be there, so their demagogue isn't there to be a meat shield.

I really want the day to go well, with no violence anywhere.  But, I doubt it will, and the GOP will be there afterwards to fuck America more.