Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A clean house, my ass

It's not fair.

If the monster-in-law comes over, and the house is a mess, it's my fault for not keeping it clean.

If my mother comes over, and the house is a mess, it's my fault for marrying a slob.

Dad and Other Dad don't give a crap, as long as they have somewhere to sit down.

Cleaning the damn house isn't even on my chore list, because apparently I clean as well as I cook.  Except the bathroom. I'm kind of a freak about the bathroom.

All I'm saying is that it just isn't fair.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quick Guide to Whether a Woman Owes You Something

Quote of the week comes from one of the comments on this photo: "The internet is like the black light on the cum stains of male sexual entitlement."

A friend found this on Facebook and passed it along to me. I couldn't tell you where it originates.  The message is plain and simple, though.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Would the Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up

Can we please NOT have another "Trump vs Clinton: Would the Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up" competition, in any thread, ever again?

This post is not about advocating for any candidate.  I'm just fed up with the stupid fighting.  I'm finding the "anti-Clinton" crowd to be at least as madly passionate as the "anti-Trump" crowd, and that's not necessarily a compliment.

I'm fine if people want to discuss the actual and factual skeletons in Clinton's closet. There are plenty of those. But, I've had it up to HERE with "liberals" chanting right-wing talking points about Clinton as if they've somehow magically become legitimate.

I mean, it's becoming a case of rhetoric, and frankly anyone who thinks Clinton is the Anti-Christ needs to ALSO wake up and remember that's the Anti-Christ suckling at Trump's teet. Given the historical financial relationship between the imagery has disturbing literal connotations as well as allegorical ones.

And, wasn't Saddam Hussein the Anti-Christ? Or Barack Obama? Or Ronald Reagan? No, wait I'm sure it's Benjamin Netanyahu this week, right?  What does Cracked have to say; they're always authoritative on this kind of shit.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gay Away the NRA

Okay, so lots of LGBT activists are calling to rainbow the NRA HQ and things like that. I'm all for that.

And let's face it, the current board is mostly rich white men.  Duh.

Did you know that lifetime members can vote for the NRA board of directors?

But, did you know that you can buy a Lifetime membership to the NRA for only $25 every 3 months, as long as you commit to the 60 payments (that's $100 a year, every year, for 15 years).

Let's gay the NRA away.  I mean, seriously, those queens get shit done.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Americans do not value life

The root problem behind “mass shootings” and other mindless atrocities on American soil isn't guns, terrorists, patriots, or even “mental health.”

The root problem is that we do not value life.

Abortion? - kill the doctors

Unwanted pregnancy? - blame the victim and make her pay for the pregnancy and pay for the child

Orphanages? - can’t afford them, we have to pay for the corporate prisons

Public education? - can't afford them, we have to subsidize the church schools

Drug treatment programs? - can't afford them, we have to pay for the corporate prisons

Universal health care - fuck that socialist shit, I'm not paying for someone else to be healthy, and you can't force me to buy health insurance our broken system requires me to have to keep myself healthy, but those fucking expensive hospitals better treat me if I get sick

Food stamps - fuck those moochers

Vaccines - you can't give me drugs, I'll just catch that horrible disease and transmit it to others, you fascist commie

Military machine - Damn right we need fast planes and big guns to kill foreigners and take their oil. Except drones. Damn gummint! Only drones allowed in my neighborhood are the ones me and my buds be using to spy on the sweet "barely legal" thang next door!

Body armor for soldiers - you know, it encourages creativity to make them scrounge for metal to armor their own cars

Healthcare for veterans - we can't afford that socialism crap, because we gave tax cuts to rich people

Guns - oh fuck, yeah, kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out

If life has no value, why should we not expect "lone wolves" to commit mass murder, whether we call these psychos "terrorists," "patriots," "haters," "good Christians," "Islamamuslims," or "troubled young men," doesn't fucking matter. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Musical Monday - Pentatonix ft. Todrick Hall - Wizard Of Ahhhs

I like the band, Pentatonix. I love their sound. I love their vids. They always do very creative stuff, usually on a small budget, and look like they're having a total blast doing it. I've even watched a few of their "behind the scenes" vids, which just reinforces my view they're normal kids plunged into a wild-ass ride of a lifetime. I totally wish them luck.

I like the Wizard of Oz. I read the book a million years ago, and have seen a couple of the film adaptations (and film transgressions - I actually liked The Wiz, except for the giant toilet joke).

Anyway, Pentatonix has their own take on the The Wizard.  The costumes are wonderful - these guys really throw themselves into their craft ;-)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stupid Memes: Muslim Gun Control

"Gun Control" usually means "take people's guns away."

"Muslim Control," with a big red "naught" usually means "not," or "No Muslim Control."

Therefore, you've got a meme that says "There was no control of Muslims before we started taking people's guns away."

Yeah, brilliant.

Now, if you want to claim "Oh, hey, no, now that we've got white dudes all learning to shoot properly, we've magically got control of those Islamamuslim terrorists" (you know, all twenty or so that have ever been on US soil, not to be confused with the Christian terrorists, the "Patriot" terrorists, the "just plain fucking whackadoodle" murdering dudes, the "good without God" murdering whackadoodles, and blah, blah, blah).

So, yeah, you know, that Pulse nightclub in Orlando? Yeah, there were armed guards there - "good guys with guns" - yep, they sure as shit saved those 50+ people, didn't they?

You want to get pissy, get a fucking meme that makes fucking sense.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Memes that piss me off: People kill people

Mocking the Fuck out of this Meme

And, what? Whites kill white people, blacks kill black people, amazing - people kill people they know, and that live in their own damn neighborhood.

Hm, in 2013, across the United States, 85% of white people were killed by white people. NOT 19%. WTF does that number even come from? And don't say it's FBI stats, because 2015 is only preliminary - they're still compiling the data.

Oh, wait - "USA statistics" for San Francisco, maybe?

This meme is bullshit. I'm sure it was pulled out of someone's ass and invented wholecloth, fuck reality, fuck the truth.

Hey, don't take my word for it check out the FBI stats - you'll see the number one murderer of people is people, and whites mostly die by whites, and blacks mostly die by blacks, and that's the fucking truth.

And Polifact also rips it to shit.

But, hey, you know, "13 responsible gun owners didn't kill anyone today," so it all works out,  right?  Who needs reality, when you've got bullshit memes to muddle everything up, and leave us fighting over fantasies instead?

If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, and sounds like bullshit, then it's safe to assume it's shit.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Stop hating for just One Damn Day!

50 people are dead. Family, friends and acquaintances are weeping.

"I took my bandana off and shoved it in the hole in his back," [Christopher] Hansen said.

53 people are wounded, and some are fighting for their lives. Doctors, nurses, and family members are fighting to keep them alive. Some will die, despite the desperate efforts of those working hard to make mortal miracles happen.

The Interweb bloodlust has gone apeshit with anger, blame, pain, fear, and even perverse pleasure.

“Just stop! For the love of God, just stop hating for one day!”

From your lips to God’s ears, Bender & Molly. For just one day, can people shut the fuck up with the hate? From your lips to God’s ears.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No, I don't want other people with guns around my kids

Am I comfortable sitting in a restaurant where a man with a gun on his hip is sitting less than 10 feet from my kids?

Nope. That device can kill me in an instant if that guy has a bad day, is mentally ill, is drunk, or fails to stop some drunken idiot taking it away from him.

Plus, he's got enough self-absorbed self-importance (or enemies, real or imagined) that he feels the need to wear it in public. How big an asshole is he? Is he a bigger asshole than the nutjobs who carry assault rifles to buy cookies, or the nutjobs who dox old ladies for telling the police there is a guy on a street corner with an assault rifle, or the guy who unlawfully tackled and assaulted the black man lawfully wearing his sidearm into a store - like dudebro in this picture (above) is wearing his sidearm? Don't know. Can't know if dudebro is sane, or not. All I know is dudebro could kill my kids in an instant, and has no problem making sure everyone knows he could kill my kids in an instant.

Is he also a racist? If a black man walks in wearing a gun also, do we risk a confrontation between two idiots carrying devices designed to kill in an instant?

The question was "Am I comfortable having my kids within 10 feet of a device designed to kill instantly?"

Nope. I'm not.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bernie needs your Benjamins

Win or lose the DNC nom, what is needed is every Bernie supporter go to his donation site and queue up $10 per month autopay.  He needs the money to keep running, and can use the money to build a support infrastructure for his causes. Keep the momentum moving.  It's all about the Benjamins.

Keep the nanny state out of the uterus

Good meme. No one is "pro-abortion." That's a phantom bogeyman, invented to let people feel self-righteous and superior.

However, a huge number of "pro-lifers" really are nothing more than "anti-abortion," and they reveal this by their smarmy attitudes about how women "need to be responsible for their own choices that lead to them getting knocked up in the first place," and too bad if it's a non-viable fetus, because "no abortions ever, no exceptions."

That's not "pro-life," it's "anti-abortion."

"Anti-abortion" is also "my morality overrules your free capitalism choices to control your body, your future, and the future of any children you may actually want some day."

"Pro-choice" is more in line with "small government," and "privacy rights," than anti-abortionists are.

So, anyone who wants to chant "small government, keep your hands off my gun, and stop spying on me," must also chant "keep government out of the uterus" or admit to being a hypocritical asshole. Good luck with that.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Musical Monday - More Imperial Stormtroopers

It was a big gamble for this team. They nailed the moves though, so the gamble paid off and got them pushed forward.

I previously covered the Twerking Stormtroopers, but this was a bigger risk. This team (most of whom are clearly women) had a lot riding on this. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nanny State? Police State? Pick your poison, before it kills you

Let me get this straight.

The party that says you need guns in your home to protect you from the police state gummit, NOW wants to escalate the role of police to a fascist style neighborhood intimidation POLICE STATE?

Ted Cruz speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Because, you know, those GOP flip-flopping sacks of crap don't actually give a shit about your security, except where you're willing to sell it away to give them more power over your dumb ass.

Hitler armed his people to the teeth before declaring the Jews were not allowed to have guns, and when they stood up for their rights to own guns as Germans, then Hitler had his excuse to declare pogrom.

You think for an instant Trump would hesitate to declare pogrom on the Muslim neighbor's who stood up to the police state - the way the GOP have been telling us to do for 20 years?

Nothing like hypocrisy in the morning - "Stand up for the police state! And now that you have, fuck you miserable little scum! Hahahahaha!"

Ultimately, it comes down to class warfare - keep the peasants fighting amongst ourselves, and then steal our rights and money.  It's always about the oligarchs, with their money and privilege.  Always.