Thursday, August 5, 2021

Trump voters are more likely to catch COVID-19

I've been very cynical about how humans have handled the COVID-19 infection. Anyone who pays attention knows that former-President Trump poo-pooed the pandemic, and that right-wing propaganda media talking heads continue to tell people things like it's a hoax (it's not), or that masks don't prevent the spread of disease (they do), or that the vaccines are dangerous (they really aren't).

So, here it is August, 2021, and we're seeing another huge spike in infections across the United States.

After nearly two years of COVID-19 in the wild, meaning nearly two years of lies and falsehoods f rom the GOP and right-wing, I wondered if there was a correlation between infection by population and voting for Donald Trump.

Guess what? There kinda is.

18 of the 25 US states with the highest rate of infection, per 100,000 residents, voted for Trump.