Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Good vs Evil: STUPIDITY is King

GOOD is stronger than EVIL.

EVIL is more seductive than GOOD.

STUPIDITY is the most powerful force in the universe - history  proves this.

In the eternal struggle of Good vs Evil, Good and Evil aren't the problem - the problem is that STUPIDITY can't tell the difference.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Darkness, My Old Friend

Don't fight the darkness, that just gives it power.

Don't hide from the darkness, then you can't see it infiltrate you.

Acknowledge the darkness, understand the darkness, and bring it to heel, as a guardian against foreign darkness, and tool for the appropriate times.

And, just to wear the lampshade (even though it isn't quite the same message, but I know the ear worm probably got you by this point). :-)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's Syrian Distraction - 60 missiles WAS NOT APPROPRIATE RESPONSE

Shared with me:

Personally, I think President Trump gets off on ordering a billion taxpayer dollars of men and materiel to fire tens of millions of taxpayer dollars of missiles to blow the shit out of a few hundred million dollars of materiel and men, just because it strokes his ego to know people will kill people because he wants them to, and other people will worship him for it.

Yes, absolutely some response was required. 60 missiles and sending every foreign nation to DefCon Four anticipating irrational attack from our ego maniac President is NOT an appropriate response.

(Just as a reminder, President Trump paid ZERO income taxes for nearly 20 years.  So, all those "taxpayer" dollars President Trump is wanking off on blowing up?  YOUR MONEY.)

Trump Attacks Syria To Distract You

Meanwhile, Donald Trump whips out his big ego and strokes or for everyone to see. He wants the world to see how big and manly he is. He starts a goddamn fucking war with a US ally, turns the world against us, and pushes us all closer to World War III - because he can stroke his ego and 60 fucking missiles annihilate an area the size of a town.

If you support Trump and the GOP - who have waged war on humanity to feed the greed of tiny little savages like the Trump family for decades, then you can fuck off. YOU can sign up yourself and your children and your grandchildren to die for Donald’s ego, for Bannon’s Aryan Dream and to make the elitist rich richer while children starve to death. Make the world a better place: fuck off and die.

There is no excuse to let children starve on the streets

Today I passed a woman and her two children on the street of Seattle. They were freezing and begging for spare change - outside the fucking Macy’s store. Their not-tattered cloths, clean skin, and look of shock said until recently they enjoyed a normal life, and knew life wasn't supposed to be “leave school and curl up in the sidewalk for the night.” Quite probably they had a home until last week. The first of the month is when rent comes due. It's when landlords kick people out. I gave her the pissant change I had on me.

The first of the month is when rent comes due. 
It's when landlords kick people out.

This evening there was a young woman camped outside Fred Meyer, freezing her ass off. Her sign was asking for tents, blankets, camping gear, and spare change. Again, her gloves, cloths and skin screamed “I had a roof until this week.” She was smart enough to write that sign. She almost certainly completed high school and maybe college. I gave her the money in had gotten from the ATM to buy myself a candy bar.

No one should be forced to live in the street. It’s a stab through the heart to look at children exactly like the middle class kids you grew up with, and a woman exactly like the soccer mom, who was your “other mom,” who took you for ice cream with your best friend after every game, huddled against a fucking wall with her children, trying not to show the terror, despair and crushing sense of failure she felt, because she couldn't protect her kids.

It turns your world upside to see yourself sitting by the road, freezing, begging for blankets or spare change. Education means opportunity, but it no longer guarantees survival. “By the grace of God,” and all that bullshit. My lifepath lead to stability - her’s has lead to freezing on the street.

It fills the compassionate heart with revulsion that we have allowed this to happen. It fills the sane mind with terror to know it can easily happen to people exactly like us.

America is the richest country in the history of human civilization. There is no excuse for anyone - especially children! - to be freezing, starving and begging. 


Every day I try to do something - anything - to make the world a better place for everyone. I give time, I give money. Some days more, some days less, but something.

I don’t give a fuck who you want to blame for the sorry state of the world. Blame and anger aren’t helpful unless they all focus on one critical action item:


This Sucks

Just yesterday morning I was congratulating myself for having stayed off social media for five whole weeks. 

I was so proud of myself for changing my perspective.  For sorting out my priorities. For practicing letting the world take care of itself.  For letting go.

I was starting to think about my fiction again. I was enjoying music again, and maybe writing some cool new posts, someday. 

I was spending more time with my family, and thinking about putting up new pictures, or maybe getting some old posters (that I still carry around, because I still love them) framed and hung on the walls.  Maybe re-working the budget to buy a better (used) car.   Exercising regularly again, and getting more sleep.  

I discovered I actually can keep houseplants alive, and that I like bright flowers.

Then, the fucking universe kicked me in the face and screamed: 

"HA! HA! You can't hide! You're hard-wired to give a crap!  Rage and depression and screaming into the wind is your function! Welcome back, bitch!"

Rich isn't special, especially when children are starving

“We can't disrupt Barron Trump’s school life by making him move into the White House, and change schools,” like every other President’s kid has done. Like not-billionaire kids do every damn day.

“We can't expect the President to pay for security on the building where his wife and son are living,” just because they refuse to move to the White House, like every other Presidential Family has done. And nevermind he was paying for it himself, before becoming President, instead of making you pay for it.

There are homeless children starving on the streets of Seattle.
I met two of them yesterday.
They were huddled against a wall,
looking as confused and terrified as you would expect.

If you think “rich” and “celebrity” means “special” and “privileged,” if you support Trump and the GOP, then fuck you: YOU are the reason evil thrives in this world.

Fuckity Fuck

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Secret Identity Revealed

Okay. I'm ready to come clean. I'm really Angelina Jolie, leading a double life as world-class entertainer, philanthropist, and secret online rager against human stupidity, selfishness and greed.

You can understand why I would feel the need to keep the two lives separate. I mean, seriously, people get so easily distracted from my public work trying to make the world a better place.

It's Class Warfare, Bitches! 
Rage on, my loves. 
Rage on!