Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017 East Coast and Earlier!

Happy New Year to all my friends in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Everywhere in Europe and in Orbit around the Earth!

May 2017 turn out to be filled with love and joy and all good things!


Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 - The Horror Story

This is such an amazing short film. The creators brilliantly captured the essence of 2016 in a nutshell, and it's a hillarious way to put the fucking year to bed.

(Although, I was reminded it ain't over quite yet.)

The flip side is that they also capture my deep and terrified sense of dread for 2017.  I've never been more afraid of a year ahead than I am now.

I mean, the rolling over of the calendar is a completely arbitray and artificial construct, as a way of measuring the passage of events and quantifying history, but that doesn't change dread of the future.

I am SO the woman with the axe.  Dread, anger and "bring it on, motherfucker."

2017 - gonna be a handful.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My fear of death, or lack of, you know?

I "fear" death because it's so bloody inconvenient. As much as being here makes me crazy, it's where I am, and I'm rather enjoying the opportunity to be here and experience the here, and interact with the here

Death is Something Else,, i.e. Not Here, and as much as here makes me batshit crazy, I'm not ready to be anywhere else right now.

2016 - now the whole stupid mess makes sense! Blame GRRM!

George R.R. Martin takes responsibility, and suddenly the entire fucking mess that was 2016 makes sense!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

RIP Old Warhorse

Mic, I didn't know you well, but I learned a lot from you in a very short time.

Maybe next time around the wheel, I can take you up on that offer to hide in your basement, while you train me up on Marine Corp survival skills, during the ZomPoc.

RIP Old Warhorse. You earned it.

Friends don't let friends blog drunk

Reminder: If using a friend's phone (because your battery is dead), verify which account you're logged into before running your mouth.

**cough** **cough**

(Jeff Richards as SNL character "Drunk Girl")

Friday, December 23, 2016

Gorgeous Goth - Valentin Winter

Just because she has an awesome look. I'm thinking "Half-Elf Necromancer."  Hang on, I'll get around to a write up.

Valentin Winter (aka Valentin van Porcelaine)

Sometimes I just want to do a post for the fun of it, with no other reason than I think something is cool.  And here it is.  Ha.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

From Obama to Trump - how did Americans lose their fucking minds?

I'm doing this as a blog post, because I want to capture it for permanence. By putting it here, instead of on the noise stream of G+, it is easier to find. I want to make my views on "President Elect Apparent Trump" very, very, very fucking clear (as if somehow anyone could possibly have missed all of my posts about Trump in the last two years).

How to appraise the presidency of Barack Obama as the specter of President Trump looms? The clearest way to reconcile the two perspectives is to understand how Obama’s presidency, and all that it accomplished, could have led to the election of Trump. I think there are basically two tweet-length explanations:

1. America elected a black man president, and about half the country proceeded to lose its goddamn mind.

2. The white working class realized that the American dream is a sham. Then a con artist promised to restore it, and they bought the con.

60 million people lost their fucking minds, or went total selfish apeshit off the rails. It doesn't fucking matter.  Christopher Hayes summed it up nicely in the above quote.

Go read the original piece and form your own opinions.

I'm still trying to get past the "I want to punch 60 million fucking morons in the face" part. Maybe I'll get there in 10 years, if human civilization is still around.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just be nice to each other

Sometimes the meme just speaks for itself.,  Seriously, if you can't be nice to people, because you've got your ass in a bunch over some hair-splitting detail, then grow the fuck up.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dear Berned - Focus, People, Focus

Oh, probably same as they are now - 30 days late. Only back in the Berner time frame  the circus had moved on, and the news story had shifted to trying to make sure November votes weren't suppressed.

Now, we're in the "Trump is about to fuck your world" stage, where Trump and the GOP - who spent a year rigging elections and screaming about it - are suddenly doing everything they can to suppress recounts and suppress efforts to clean up the voting machinery.

And there is no other circus to distract from trying to figure out of the new President-Elect was helped by Russia or if he is owned by Russia. Which is good, because Trump doesn't actually care about America, but he does care about $600m he owes Russian banks.

Sanders got screwed. The American people got screwed. Let go of the "Sanders" part already, and refocus to the "Lets make sure elections don't get rigged ever again" part.  Otherwise, tweets like this make things worse, not better, by being distractions and focusing on the wrong damn things.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump plans to raid your cookie jar

Yep. Been like that since the "trickle down" policies of President Reagan. It hurts the brain how many people continue to refuse to accept the truth of that this bullshit "conservative" policy doesn't work.  (And I use the quotes around "conservative" deliberately, as I believe real conservatives aren't as selfish as the GOP.)

Trump has absolutely no intention of changing how things are - he isn't "draining the swamp" of politicians and insiders - he's raiding the swamp for alligators and putting them in charge of the government agencies designed to protect people - he's going to feed your sorry ass to himself and his billionaire buddies.

The GOP don't give a rat's ass about you - President Bush (43) claimed he would "reach across the aisle" - he never did. He dictated what he wanted, and demanded that the GOP fall in line - anyone who didn't fall in line was labeled a liberal, unpatriotic and an enemy.  Kind of exactly what Trump does - anyone who stands against him is villified and attacked (Sen Ted Cruz's father), and then he'll flip-flop again the instant someone is useful (Ted Cruz for Attorney General?).

This isn't new - Trump has zero plans to do anything differently than that which as come before.

Wake up and smell the farts - the shit is about to fall on you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"liberal logic" memes are insulting to basic human intelligence

The main thing about "liberal logic" memes is the tortured logic they employ to appeal to the special snowflakes of adults who are just emotional children.

Seriously, play this game a minute. Pretend that instead of the word "liberal," the average "liberal logic" meme used the word "Martian" or "Eric, the Toaster." For example, that it was mocking Little Green Men (LGM) from Mars, instead of humans from Earth?

Now, unravel what the meme says literally, and ask "for that to be true, what must come before?"

In other words, for little green men to be "opposed to Christianity" what must be true?

Well, they have to not be Christian, right?

Funny thing that most little green men are actually Christian, and do a better job of caring for their neighbors and being nice to strangers than the fake Christians (let's call them "Christians," in quotes, so we're clear that I'm talking about the fakes).

And, how rude of those little green men to oppose "Christians" telling other people what to do, right?

I mean, here you got little green men dropping by to visit their neighbors, and self-proclaimed "Christians" are telling the little green men that little green men are oppressing "Christians" by not letting "Christians" make laws telling little green men that they have to be "Christians," and by the way, little green men aren't allowed to marry each other, because the "Christians" never see any little green women, therefore LGM marriage is obviously "some kind of sin."

And then before the little green men can use the bathroom, they have to show some piece of paper with proof of their DNA, otherwise someone may try to look in their pants and judge if that's a winky or not. (Oh, and whoa if the little green me use the "wrong" bathroom, because a "good Christian: will commit violence against the invader.)

I mean, funny thing how the little green men get a little upset at the unprovoked and completely unnecessary mistreatment, but you know, it's those little green men "being hypocritical and uppity" and "pushing their LGM agenda" by asking to be treated in a civil manner and allowed to go about their business of not hurting anyone.

Yeah. Like I said, the thing I find most offensive about "liberal logic" memes isn't that they insult liberals - it's that they insult basic human intelligence by treating the reader like a goddamn moron.

(The fact that people behave like goddamn morons and laugh and laugh like mentally damaged toddlers who lack empathy - and take pride in it - is an entirely different problem altogether.)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I think I have a stalker - Troll Ken Simpson

Okay, is this Ken Simpson guy just creepy, or what?  He's been stalking me for over a year, just randomly dropping these one-liners, and resisting efforts to engage him in actual conversation. So, fuck you, Ken, now the world can see what a sad little wanker you are. Finally, just yesterday, he blocked me.  Good riddance to his mentally-damaged ass.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reality has a Liberal Bias

Or, rather, reality doesn't have any bias, but so-called conservatives have gone off the rails batshit crazy twisting facts to create their own reality - a fantasy reality that is in opposition to the facts. A fantasy reality that appeals on an emotional level, and supports an agenda of transfer of wealth and power from the masses to an elitist few. Not coincidentally is it those elitist few who are creating the false narrative.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Soros - Magical Liberal Sugar Daddy

Hey, Soros, you skinflint, where's my check?

I've been a good libdem fucktard. You taking a page from Trump's book now and breaking contract just because you can?

Come on, this girl needs her fairie dust to fly around the sky at night.

Hey, right? If you're going to sign on with a mythical bogeyman, sign in with the best.

If you believe even one rwNJ blog, Soros is bigger than the Illuminati.

Post 500!

So, just about six years ago I went online with Faceborg. I had a nice, quiet run there for four years, before they decided they wanted photo ID, and I told them to piss off.

Then I came here.  And “quiet” is definitely the wrong word.  G+ and blogger definitely suit my need to express myself very well.

I've been blessed to build a wonderful community around myself.  I think this is because I Am A Personality. Not for everyone, but at least I'm colorful.

Two years later, I've got 500 live posts here on Icarus Rants! That doesn't include the hundred-ish each at Church of the Ignorant Fool and I Tell You, You Decide if You Care (which, as JC pointed out, has “deify” in the URL, which was pure serendipity, I assure you).

And my numbers!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Why we care if Trump pisses off the Chinese

For those (understandably) asking the (obvious) question "Why should we care of President-Elect-Apparent pisses off the Chinese by talking to the Taiwanese?  Well, there's actually a really fucking important reason.

China is the world's second largest economy right now, and they're going to kick our asses pretty soon. They also have the world's largest army, and continue to jocky with India for largest population Everybody needs to give a shit what the Chinese think.

Also, consider this: If the Chinese slap a trade embargo on the US, how fast will our store shelves dry up?  I mean, seriously, look around your house and how much shit says "Made in China"?  The US can no longer survive without China.  Sucks ass, but true.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Foul Actions In DC

Is it just me, or does anyone else think there is something fundamentally foul about the mere idea (and reality!) that Donald Trump is already cutting deals with big corporations to ship jobs out of the country (and giving them big taxpayer money as a reward) AND pissing off one the major world superpowers (China) and...

...wait for it...