Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Memo to White People

To the snowflakes who chant-scream-whine "We will not be replaced!":

By really generous - even liberal generous - standards, y'all - and I mean ALL Y'ALL - make up maybe 20% of the world population. Than means the ONE ethnic group of Han Chinese already outnumber ALL Y'ALL.  You've already been "replaced

Now, if you're worried about being "relevant," lemme borrow some of your own talking points: 
* get a job
* get job training
* learn a useful skill
* go read a book at the library
* save your money instead of buying pretty shoes, big televisions, over-sized gas-guzzling pickup trucks or - wait for it - GUNS.  OMG stop wanking off on $3000 still-ain't-full-auto guns.

For fuck sake, either take some personal responsibility and stop whining about being outnumbered, or shut the fuck up already. 

Get a job.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Fiction Friday - Melody Mac - Epic Brawler

Background & Origin: She was working as a lock keeper, before she gained superpowers.

She was born at a University hospital. She was raised by close family members: grandparents, an aunt/uncle, or similar. They were royalty by blood. They are alive and well.

She has the following siblings:
  • A younger brother that still lives with her childhood caretakers;
  • An older sister that she dislikes because of some past transgression;
  • An older sister that still lives with her childhood caretakers;
  • A younger half-sister that hates her for some past transgression.

She has experienced the following important events:
  • Blind luck provided her with a financial windfall, found cash, an inheritance, or something similar;
  • Word of her deeds spreads, and she gained fame or notoriety;
  • She became involved in a serious relationship that lasted at least a year;
  • She made a friend, someone younger than her that she feels protective about. They are an important figure both locally and beyond the immediate area;
  • She made an enemy, an angelic being or other extra-planar entity. Constant verbal warfare is the norm. They have military connections. Racial, religious or political bias caused the rift.

Combat Tactics: She focuses on enemy brawlers, martial artists and fools with guns, since she is basically immune to their attacks, and gains strength and power when they do hit her.

Personality Traits: considerate, lonely, rude. She thinks of herself like a mountain: enduring, implacable, and destructive force of nature when she cuts loose.

Quotes:  "Today seems like a good day to conquer the world. You in?"

Appearance: 6’1”, 200 lbs.

She favors clothing that contrasts with the local styles, changing at need. She wears her hair long and flowing.  Every tattoo reflects an important decision in her life.

Powers: She automatically absorbs kinetic energy, such as punches and anti-tank rockets. The energy enhances her strength and stamina, to the point she can lift/press well over 100 tons under optimal conditions (the exact value has been impossible to measure). Normally, she can lift/press approximately 12 tons under optimal conditions. She is resistant to other forms of harm, and immune to sonic and sound attacks.

Notes: Model LouLou D'Vil. Character by I.A. Riley, September, 2018.

This is a classic variation - soak punches to make bigger punches. A big part of the concept is “immovable like a mountain.” I just liked the idea. She is still vulnerable to energy attacks, and does not have a ranged attack, both of which kind of suck, but within her scope as a hardass melee tank, she is pretty cool.

On average, even without Density Increase or Rolling with the Blow, a Kinetic attack would have to cause more than 16 points damage to cause any knockback. If she rolls with the blow, or has her Density Increase active, pretty much only Superman or the Hulk could cause knockback just by punching her.

Melody Mitrodora "The Mountain" MacClellan - Mighty Protectors

Strength 32 (Carrying Capacity 12,288 lbs., Basic HTH 2d8)
Endurance 32 (Save 14, Heal 5.1)
Agility 16 (Save 11)
Intelligence 12 (Save 11)
Cool 18 (Save 12, Initiative d8+1)

Hit Points 39
Power 92
Physical Defense 2
Mental Defense 2
Move 27, leaping 128
Inventing Points 6
Wealth d4
Luck 10-
Weight 190 lbs. (570 lbs.)
Total Cost BCs (110) + Powers (110) + Gear (0) - Weaknesses (20) = Total (200)

Absorption: Kinetic (linked to Invulnerability) (0), Effect 25 points (10), Modifiers: Split Points (the first 13 absorbed points go to ST, until it maxes out at 50, then the rest replenish Energy/Power) (+0), Replenishment (+0) (10 CP)

Adaptation: Disease, Poison, Sonic, Toxin (15 CP)

Armor: Kinetic 2, Energy 2, Biochemical 2, Entropy 2 (12.5 CP)

Density Increase: Weight ×3, ST +5, Protection Kinetic 2, Energy 2, Biochemical 2, Entropy 2, SR3/Quartz, PR=0 (7.5), Modifiers: Reduced PR (+5) (12.5 CP)
  • ST 37 (density, no absorption), Carrying Capacity 39,936 lbs. (about 40 tons, Pushed), Basic HTH 2d10, Hit Points 22, Power 67, Move 20, Leaping 140
  • ST 45 (maxed Absorption, no density), Carrying Capacity 245,760 lbs. (about 250 tons, Pushed), Basic HTH 3d8, Move 21, Leaping 2587 (12,935 feet, or about 2.4 miles)
  • ST 50 (maxed Absorption, plus density), Carrying Capacity 786,432 lbs. (about 800 tons, Pushed), Basic HTH 2d8+d10, Hit Points 22, Power 67, Move 23, Leaping 2759 (13,795 feet, or about 2.6 miles)
Experience Levels: Attack +0, Defense +1, Skills +1 (5 CP)

Heightened Endurance: EN +12, AG +6 (included above)

Heightened Strength: ST +6, EN +4 (included above)

Invulnerability: Kinetic (20 CP)

Knowledge: TBD (2.5 CP)

Natural Weaponry: Attack +4, Damage +4 Blunt Kinetic (20 CP)

Physical Ability: Inertia +2, Super Leap ×2 (7.5 CP)

Super Speed: Add one turn per round, PR=4 per round (10), Modifiers: Increased PR (-5) (5 CP)


Public Identity (-10 CP)
TBD (-10 CP)

Combat Summary:
Initiative: d8+1 (avg 5)
Unarmed: Attack 18-, Damage d10+3 (avg 8) or 2d6+3 (avg 10) or 2d12+1 (avg 14)
Combined Protection: Kinetic 4 (¼ damage, +8 save) (Sonic ⅛ damage, +13 save), Energy 4, Biochemical 4, Entropy 4
Knockback Resistance: d4+2 or d6+3


Document Copyright (C) 2018 by I.A.Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

Mighty Protectors and the Monkey House Games logo are trademarks owned by Monkey House Games, ©2017 Monkey House Games. All rights reserved. Made in the U.S.A.

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I just wrote this on a thread. I need help. I just can't seem to stop loathing sheer vapid stupidity. It's like I have to seek it out and stab it.

"This thread makes my brain want to murder me in revenge for making it read it."

The NPC meme myth

The sad thing is that the "NPC" makes more self-congratulation rwNJ tools masturbate by an order of magnitude more than it makes libtards care.

The most irritating thing to libtards about "NPC" isn't the meme itself: it's the dumbfuck self-congratulation masturbation that rides along with the myth that libtards care about it.

Not that rwNJ tools have the mental faculties to grasp what I just wrote.

It's called psych warfare, and Trump is waging it on you

It's called "psychological warfare," and it doesn't require half a brain to accept reality and see that "conservatives" are being played for suckers and saps. Wake up people, and stop letting yourselves be played like puppets. You don't have to give a shit about "libtards," but quit being naive about who is pulling your leash and you're worshipping them for treating you worse than dogs.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The oppression of Stupidity

Stupidity is the most powerful force in the universe. History proves this.

Toxic Train Wreck - G+ Comm

Come hang out in "Being Liberal on G+" - more effective at killing brain cells than alcohol, because those brain cells either get trapped in a mindless echo chamber of rwNJ feel-good soundbite solutions, or the brain cells commit suicide to escape the mind-numbing Stupid - whichever.

It's like a fucking toxic-fume spewing train wreck I can't seem to stay away from.

rwNJ flogging points - so boring

It's probably good for my health that G+ is coming to an end.

(secondary source / comments section, assuming it survives the death of G+)

Moral relativism

I'm tired of hearing:

“It's okay that Trump is a liar, because Clinton was, too.”

NO. It's not okay that either of them were liars. 

To claim "It's okay when my guy lies," is moral relativism, and bullshit.

Lying is either wrong, or it isn't.
(Hint: It's wrong.)

This isn't rocket surgery.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rambling West

Kanye West and James Woods are perfect examples of why people say "celebrities should just shut up and be entertaining."

Yes, they absolutely have a right to say whatever the fuck the want. That doesn't mean what they have to say is meaningful or even coherent. In the case of Woods, it is coherent, but conflated fantasy bullshit, so actually has negative value to the world.

The only not-classified-as-insane person I've heard ramble more incoherently than West is Donald Trump. (Ironically another example of a celebrity who ought to have shut up and just stuck with entertaining).