Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Abortion (Y/N?) is not a valid question, you asshole

Let's get one thing out of the way: NO ONE is "pro-abortion." That's a fantasy bogeyman invented by - and clung to - by foolish people who want to feel righteous about their own stupid and unreasonable position by trying to villainize their opponents - and thus seize the moral high ground - rather than have meaningful conversations. If you feel a need to decry me as "pro-abortion" then chances are you're a hopeless tit who won't bother to keep reading, despite the fact you are the audience who most needs to be shaken from comlacy into a serious conversation.


“Abortion (Y/N)?” is the wrong damn question.

Abortion is a crap solution to a shit problem. What are we going to do about the problem?

What shit problem? Unwanted pregnancy. What are we going to do about unwanted pregnancy?

What unwanted pregnancy? Loaded question, but let’s choose the really dirty ones:
  • Incest - daddy on daughter, uncle on niece, brother on sister, cousin on cousin
  • Rape - this one is self-explanatory, but see also “incest” above and think about how many women you know who were sexually molested by relatives (you would be surprised at how many you already know).
  • Medical danger to mother - I laud the courage of the woman who chose to give birth and die rather than terminate the pregnancy, receive a life-saving transplant, and live to mother other children. How does her husband feel? How does her child feel?? Did she have other children? What if she did? “I really want to love my kid brother, but he killed mom.”

So, kiss my butt.

What are you going to do about this problem?

Seriously I need a self-righteous anti-abortion man to tell me what his wife, and mother of his children, replies to this:

“Honey, I'm really sorry you were raped. I cannot hope to understand what a violation of your body and soul it was. But you know we believe abortion is wrong, so I will support you every step of the way through the pregnancy that will remind you every day that you were raped and violated and your attacker [if captured and prosecuted] only has to go to jail and will never provide any financial support while we incur the medical bills for his child and any lost income from you're having to take time off work. We'll think of a good lie to tell the children about why we give the baby up for adoption. I promise never to even wonder for a moment as you waddle around depressed and feeling violated how you could possibly ever have been so stupid to let yourself get raped and ruin my life with this bastard's vile child. I know this child will be of your flesh, but not mine. I will understand therefore if you choose to keep the child and I will raise it as mine because I am supporting you as the unplanned human incubator to this unwanted and unwelcome parasite invasion into your body.”

Well? What did she say?

Life is not black and white, it's shades of gray. Very rarely is "Y/N?" a valid question, let alone a valid answer.


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