Sunday, November 2, 2014

Can't vote? Blame a Republican

If you live in the United States, vote by Tuesday as if your life depends on it, because it quite literally might.

The Republican party has become a mouthpiece and lapdog to the neo-feudalists like Mitt Romney or the Koch Bothers. These are people who care nothing for human rights, they care nothing for civil rights, they care nothing for anyone not themselves. The will crush anyone who stands in their way of living whatever lavish, hedonistic, privileged lifestyle they consider they deserve.

To that extent, the GOP have slashed taxes on the rich, slashed taxes for corporations, slashed taxes on Wall Street trust funds and inheritance, slashed taxes on property (if you own a house, you pay very little, if you own office buildings or apartment buildings, you pay big numbers on your cash-cows, so cutting property taxes helps the rich, not the middle class).

In order to create the tiered system of privilege, the GOP have broken unions, skewed the legal system against the poor - the "war on drugs and "you don't need medical care" and "let's privitize the fire department" and "let's militarize the cops" ALL hurt the poor without hurting the rich - and generally taken a "fuck you, I got mine" approach to legizlative and judicial activism that hurts the poor and middle class.

The spate of anti-women and voter suppression legislation also demonstrates this restructuring of America into a two-tiered system of the privileged and the mud beneath the feet of the privileged.

So, get your ass out and vote. And remember: if you got unregistered while you weren't looking, or your polling place is closed, or you have no early voting, or you have no vote-by_mail, or you have to show photo ID that you may not have, then thank a Republican for fucking you over.

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