Thursday, November 13, 2014

Theological Thursday: Anti-Muslim, Anti-Christian, or just Bail Out While We Still Can?

This is a story about a school district that pulled references from Christian and Jewish holidays from the school calendar rather than add Muslim holidays to the school calendar.

Now, keep in mind that the Christian and Jewish holidays fall on days where school will still be canceled, for "non-religious reasons."

So, is this school board action Anti-Muslim, because school district officials decided to not add a day off for a Muslim holiday?

Is this Anti-Christian because references to the Christian (and Jewish) holidays have been removed (but the traditional time off has not)?

Or is this just a bunch of normal people [holding political office] saying "Oh, shit, no matter what we do, we're screwed in the self-righteous eyes of public opinion - since someone is going to call 'religious insult' - so let's come up with the answer that we at least can't get sued over - that is, yank all references to the religious holidays from the calendar, but change nothing else."

Yeah, I'm betting:

1) At the end of the day, it was "Oh, shit, how do we avoid getting sued," and

2) Every religious person with a political bone to pick is up in arms (Muslim, Christian or Jewish - although historically the Jewish people just roll with shit like this instead of getting excited, so who knows), because these people just live to wind themselves up as "the victim.";

3) The Satanists are saying "Curses! Foiled again!"

You know I'm right about the Satanists. They, at least, have a sense of humor.

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