Friday, November 14, 2014

Perspective: $1500/hour to Watch Porn? Tax The Fuck Out Of Him ThankYouVeryMuch

So I get in the car to drive home at the end of a long day, and it's on KOMO radio, because I listened to the weather report this morning.

This Neo-Feudalist Programmer Of Peasant Brains and his sidekick spent several breathes telling us about some baseball player who signed a $155 MILLION contract and that - unlike football - the contract said he got paid even if he broke all his limbs the next day and never actually *played* baseball or did anything to "earn" his $155 MILLION.

Wow. Talk about $weet deal$.

So, after that preamble, this jackass launches into how "outrageous" it is that the horrible GOVERNMENT (you know, that "of the people, by the people, for the people" horrible government) is going to take $85M in taxes, so he "only" gets $68M.

And then I turned off the noise when he started into some terrible breakdown of how this $85M is being sucked away by the Evil Oppressor.

Okay, here we go.

1) he takes home $68M for playing BASEBALL. That's only about $13.6M per year of his contract. That's only about 200 TIMES my household income, and we have two wage earners doing pretty well. Kiss-my-fucking-ass Mr Baseball;

2) Walk six blocks in every direction from where you live. Yeah, that six block radius from your house, in the average residential area, all those houses - and family wage-earners busting their butts! - put together *might* take home about as much as this guy, assuming you live in a densely populated area, or an affluent neighborhood, or both. Kiss-my-fucking-ass Mr Baseball;

3) This guy takes home about $1500/HOUR, every hour, 24/7/365. Take home; after taxes. I'd like to have someone pay me $1500/hour being home sick on the couch, or sleeping, or sitting on the toilet, or yeah, he could watch porn in the Internet and ... take home (remember this is after those horrrible socialist taxes) $25/MINUTE while doing it; use your imagination ("50 bucks to go pee standing up? Good deal!"). If I took home $1500/hour 24/7/365, I could quit working after January 2nd and my entire expenses for the year are covered. If this "poor, abused" baseball player can't make a fucking awesome lifestyle for himself, then he can kiss-my-fucking-ass;

4) This all assumes this ball player is too damn stupid to invest his money in tax shelters. Ask Mitt Romney - for the ONE tax return Romney made public, he could have paid ZERO taxes on $42M personal income. Fuck, I can't dodge taxes on 1/600th of that;

5) "68 + 85" does not equal "155," you radiohead elitist-lapdog moron, go program someone really stupid, get off my radio, and kiss-my-fucking-ass.

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