Monday, October 20, 2014

Be brave: murder your child by NOT vaccinating

You have a statistically zero chance of getting seriously ill from a vaccine. No, really: all reports claiming it is higher than "not going to happen to you" have been proven as bullshit, rumor, innuendo, or people just confusing cause and effect by linking two unrelated events.

30,000 people in the United States alone die every year from the flu. That means you have about 30,000 chances to end up dead by not getting a flu vaccine shot. I wish I had such good odds of winning the lottery!

Fear is a powerful force. Uncertainty and Doubt are equally powerful. Says so right here.

If you love your children, get vaccinated. Get them vaccinated. Whooping cough is a horrible disease, and a horrible way to murder your child by not getting your child vaccinated.

Yeah, that's what I said: choose not to protect your child, then if your child gets sick and dies, you've as well as murdered your child. Congrats for wanting to make the best decisions, but you're responsible for making the bloody stupid ones, too.

My favorite line of argument is "you can't trust either the government or big pharma to tell the truth," because it totally fails the "Does That Even Fucking Make Sense??" test.

Let's look at it: in order for a "deadly" vaccine to stay on the market it has to

1) pass a shitload of researchers, all of whom have to be unethical,

2) pass a shitload of peer review studies, all of whom have to be unbelievably incompetent,

3) pass a bunch of corporate bean-pushers, who might very well be unethical, but not likely all, when it comes to human lives,

4) government regulators who can lose their jobs and go to jail if they let poison pass thru to the public,

5) the reality check of doctors giving medications to their patients, all of whom can get sued, lose their jobs, and go to jail for injecting toxins into people.

So, anyone who says "you can't trust them" is really saying "I prefer to cling to my ignorance, fear, and superstition, rather than put any effort into thinking things through like a reasonable human being."

Just get the damn vaccines and live a statistically longer, healthier life.


  1. Look, in the real world, I do try to convince the unvaccinated via empathy to reconsider, and get vaccinated. If nothing else, not yelling at them confuses them, and then you've got an opening to convince them to reconsider.

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