Monday, March 30, 2015

Musical Monday: "You Will Know My Name" - Arch Enemy

Oh, yeah! You will so fucking know my name! Ha. Okay, if you've followed me, you know I can laugh at myself as much as anyone else. I do have a very strong self-esteem, and it can sometimes come across as arrogance, so I just make fun of the whole thing. Well, that and I'm planning to someday become a Benevolent Demagogue and conquer the world.  Because, you know, someone has to sort this shit out, right?

Alissa White-Gluz is a Canadian singer, best known as the former lead singer and one of the founding members of the Canadian metal band The Agonist, and current lead singer for the Swedish melodic death metal group Arch Enemy. (Source: Wikipedia).

Again, apparently I have this thing with the Swedish melodic death metal. I like it.

Rage on, sister! Rage on!

This post is about benevolent demagoguery.  I keep trying to decide if - after I declare my bid for world domination as the Beloved Figurehead - I should have assassins, or not. (If you've followed me for five minutes, you know I don't really take myself anywhere near as seriously as I come across.)

Let's face it. Human nature both chaffs and cherishes being controlled.  Look at Life of Brian - "We are all individuals!"  Look at the Tea Party - "You can't tell me what to do!" is the mantra of a bunch of people who dogmatically obey religious figures, media figures, political figures, or all three.

So, the ideal would be that people would follow me, because they have Woken the Fuck Up, and understand that my messages are good and helpful. That I want everyone to have an education, to get along, to treat each other with respect and dignity, and Just Be Nice To Each Other.

But, in practical terms, assassination is just so useful for removing obstacles to control, such as pesky competing demagogues (such as Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz), individualistic ideologues (such as me), and people who want to control things for evil and selfish purposes (such as the Koch brothers, or Rubert Murdoch).

Ultimately, I'm opposed to murder on ethical terms (it being so permanent), and on practical terms I'm inclined to think that if - as Enlightened Figurehead - if I had to resort to assassination, then the world really isn't enlightened or awakened enough for my leadership.  In other words, the world remains too stupid, selfish, and wrapped in greed, for me to lead it the final steps into a better place.

So, no assassins, and I'll just need to keep reincarnating until the time is right.

Meanwhile, You Will Know My Name ;-)

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