Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Trump children are crap, too

I think Trump's kids are no better than he is.

Ivanka has shown the same lack of ethics, but is a lot classier about it. I think this comes from her being a woman. She cannot get away with being as brusque or brutish as the men, so she has learned how to avoid saying anything too stupid, and actually donates to, and works with,  charities, because it looks good and builds social influence.

Eric and Donald, Jr., have both shown themselves as boorish, prejudiced, entitled and unscrupulous as their father. Especially entitled. In their favor, they are more competent, but thankfully they lack their sire's charisma.

Tiffany is a fruit basket, which is why she was largely ignored by Trump during the election. She is also quite possibly the only one of the bunch with a scratch or ethics, but that's hard to tell, since she hasn't been given much opportunity to screw people in business.

Barron is going to grow up to be the most entitled little prick ever. Melania seems to have a few scruples, but she's also bright enough and cunning enough to play the dutiful wife in order to keep her position as a pampered princess (everyone knows Ivanka is the queen, as a titular role, not as some perversion).  Barron will never have a normal grasp of the world - his life has been the iconic "ivory tower" isolation of absolute wealth and privilege. Without a miracle, he's going to be a tyrant to put all his relations to shame.

It is to this brood that President-elect seeks to give power, authority and more privilege over the American people - all for the enrichment and entitlement of the Trump clan brand, and always at the expense of everyone else.

The Donald has thumbed his nose at the American people for years, and during the campaign, he thumbed his nose, bit his thumb, waved his naked bottom and then said "All you idiots smell of elderberries, and you love me! Haha!"

The Orange One openly said he was going to defy American tradition and NOT isolate himself from his business operations. Every President for years has turned over the financial empire to a closed trust as a way of avoiding conflict of interest. This is important for legal reasons and more important for credibility reasons.

But, the Bombastic Ape cares nothing for tradition, nothing for the American people, and has already proven - and mocked - that the American people mindlessly worship him like beaten dogs worship their masters. And 60 million people voted FOR him to beat them more, in defiance of decency and common sense, all hoping for a soft pat on the head or a few table scraps.

The elder Donald Trump is extemely good at navigating the law.  He has very expensive lawyers (whom he then doesn't pay) to make sure he does not break the law (or that it gets buried when he does).  Ethics, common sense, honesty, integrity, compassion, and basic courtesy mean nothing to him - especially not if he can make a lawyer make it all go away.

Donald Trump, Sr., is a con-man (and not a very good one), who sucks at business and cares nothing for the American people. He will do anything that makes him look good.

That last point could be the saving grace. Donald Trump cares only about his brand and his legacy.  He may Do Good Deeds, simply because doing so could leave a positive legacy in history.

Like Donald, Sr., his kids are morally bankrupt, but they are competent.

Only time will tell how badly the rest of the world gets screwed by handing the world's biggest cookie jar to a bunch of scumbags.

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