Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holy crap: I'm a global phenomenon!

Well, okay, so "phenomenon" is probably giving myself airs, but half of celebrity is self-promotion and acting like a celebrity, so I'll use the flashy words. Perception is reality, so if I repeat the mantra that I'm famous, then eventually people will wonder who this "famous Icarus person is," and then it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, right?

What was my point? Oh, yes, yes. Check this out: I'm getting hits from all over the world! Even the United Arab Emirates, of all places! I mean, that's so unlikely that it becomes super-cool.

Now, I understand the reality is that the Internet really shrinks the world, since it becomes possible to touch anything, anywhere, and borders are meaningless and boundaries only barely have meaning. 

So, maybe it's more about time zones and culture. I think it's awesome that I could write something which would appeal to people all over the planet, even just for the few seconds to view a couple of my pages.  

Ripples on the pond, as I touch them, and they touch me. I mean, you just know that person in Australia never once thought "Hey, I bet my clicking here will make some woman on the other side of the planet giggle with child-like glee, and spur her to write about it." 

Funny thing,  life :)


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