Friday, July 31, 2015

It's a Gun, Not a Condom: The Series Index

(Edit: Let's be clear that I don't care about sane people owning guns. Sport hunting and home defense are legit reasons. This series is about all the dumb excuses for why nutjobs should also be allowed to keep their guns, and why otherwise sane gun owners seem to defend nutjobs rather than do anything about the problem.)

I started writing this series on a lark, but it works.  It was  a case where I got tired of hearing people say "a gun is for protection," and then some meme just hit me wrong, and I realized what a load of crap that whole concept is, because the only thing a gun lets you do is threaten to shoot someone, or to actually shoot at someone.  It has no other function - it's entirely engineered for offensive purposes.

So many of the memes are composed on the presumption that a gun is a magical device, that can somehow be used for some function other than shooting back.  So many of them are also predicated on the assumption that having a gun magically turns someone into a heroic action figure - not to be confused with someone who instantly thinks "Oh, shit, I could die!" or "Oh, shit, I'd better get my family the fuck out of here, then run away!" or even just "Oh, shit, I just violated the Sixth Commandment by killing someone, and now I'll always have blood on my hands, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...."

I mean, I know there must be millions of people on the Interwebs who actually understand WTF a gun is, WTF a gun does, and have a healthy respect for a device-meant-only-for-killing.  I'm actually lucky enough to hear their voices sometimes, because they speak up on my threads, and I'm grateful for that, because it's nice be reminded there are sane firearm enthusiasts, and to know they are just as frustrated as I am.  I just wish those healthy people would write more memes - they'd make more sense and facilitate conversation better than the idiotic drivel that floats around instead.

It's a GUN, Not a Condom 1 - it can't "protect" you from anything

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 2 - Gun's can't "protect" you, so stop being stupid

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 3: Your Penis is Small, Unless You Own a Gun

It's a gun, not a condom 4: National Defense against whom?? Canada??

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 5: The paranoid, delusional, Open Carry movement - fucking psychonuts with too many guns

It’s a Gun, Not a Condom 6 - Mandatory Firearm Insurance

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 7 - total perspective check in one quick video

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 8 - The NRA is not your friend

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 9 - technically a G+ thread, which ought to have been a blog post, it's got such great comments, but whatever

It's a Gun, Not a Condom 10 - Fear is not Freedom


  1. I hear a lot of people say really bloody stupid things about guns.
    I mean, some of these people don't even own guns!

    1. And now I have a blog post to go with that quote :-)

    2. And now I updated this post with the "blood stupid" quote!