Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Healthcare costs more than taxes

Just so we're clear, as a percentage of my household income:

* Taxes (state, federal, disability, blah, blah): 7.75%

* Health Insurance Premiums (NOT including dental, life insurance, vision or short-term disability, JUST the Cigna Health Premiums for doctor, prescription and hospital): 9.72%

Taxes: 7.75%

Cigna: 9.72%

That's HOUSEHOLD. If we were single-wage-earner household, that 9.72% would be higher. (One year, it was 15% [!!] thenk-yew-not-very-much)

Fuck your "free market capitalism" bullshit. I fucking want a goddman "Medicaid for All" safety net, in case I lose my fucking job, or just can't fucking afford it.

Fuck the GOP and Trump and they're "don't let anyone know Obamacare is still available for those people who desperately need health insurance and can't find it any other way!

Fuck GOP governors who refused Medicaid expansion for the low-income of their states - that is to say, they refused billions of dollars of money that could have come into their state, and the lost billions of potential wages and tax dollars those poor people might have earned/produced if they had been able to afford medications or doctor visits.

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