Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Butthurt over "Cold Outside"

"It's Cold Outside"

You either like the song, or you don't. Put your personal butthurt aside for a minute and pay attention.

The song has been around for about a hundred years.

The most famous version is from 1959. This is the version we hear most on the radio.

In 1959, the average American had a bigger vocabulary than today. How's that for sad?

Also, in 1959, there is a serious chance that "gentlemen" were indoctrinated with a better set of behaviors than they are today, including "if she really means 'no,' then be a gentleman and back off."

This is 2018, where the reality if that if she really means "No," there is a very real chance he's going to turm aggro and rape her.

The song, as performed, is clearly intended to be fun and flirty. She's an adult trying to play the coy "But, I'm a good girl, and good girls don't just stay over at a guy's house," game, but she clearly wants an excuse to stay over.

The revolution of the last 30 years has turned that bit over, and women are now allowed to say "if I want to stay, I'll stay, and Hell with decorum."

Some men whine that this "strong women" thing has confused them, and now they're all threatened, but that's a tangent.

If you actually listen to the lyrics, then the entire fucking song he is literally saying "I don't care what you want, I wamt you to stay, and I'm going to get my way."

Yes, literally. And that's the part that - in the era of Bill Cosby and Brock Turner - is chaffing people's butts.

The song lyrics haven't changed. The song lyrics have always had this dual aspect of "fun and flirty" and/or "date rape," but 2018 has been a really aggro year, and the year of #MeToo where women and men are coming forward in droves to say "enough!"

So, if you're feeling butthurt that people are butthurt about the song, pull you're head out of your ass.

The song hasn't changed, but the world is a bit more woke, and in a year or two, we'll all be back to just accepting it as part of Christmas.

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