Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Very nearly everything wrong with 2019 in one image

This reminds me of that goody fake game show in Time Bandits, which I was also reminded of when reading the Shadowrun game vision of the future in which game shows and sitcoms often involve people dying.  And then we have Hunger Games, right?  Humans love their blood sports, just as long as it's someone else dying, and we can pretend the oligarchs get their comeuppance in the end, even though we know bloody well that they don't.

But humans also love their sex. And love viewing women as sex objects, right? I mean, history shows this, and #MeToo wasn't some spontaneous outrage, but was really backlash against the unraveling of progress in equality since the 1960s. It's beem really stunning how equality has been unwound and now avowed sexual predators sit in the White House and appoint an accused sexual predator and emotionally unstable asshole, to the Supreme Court, while enabling sociopaths in the Senate overrule the will of the American people to support both scum.

Americans love to think of women as sex objects, and all too often, we women have accepted this, and bought into it, and been broken down by it.

I've always thought of Howie Mandel as just plain weird. I don't know of anything particularly wrong with him.

But, the advert image says "Here is Howie! See Howie! This show is about Howie! Oh, and come and see the parade of skin-tone diverse, basic body type-identical eye candy we parade every day behind Howie!"

Yeah, lovely pandering to base interests there, people. Yuck.

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