Wednesday, January 6, 2016

An Open Letter to the Zionists and Rothchilds

I was reviewing the reports, and you've fallen behind schedule. It's only a little slippage, but we did have a deal.

My 50th birthday. That was the plan. You people pull it all together, and the world is my oyster for my 50th. I get a nice grand celebration, we have my massive coronation and reveal, and my 50-year reign as ultimate benevolent demagogue begins.

You're running a year behind schedule people. Now, a year isn't much yet, and this is a great time to tighten things up and pull it back in. So, let's get on that, chop-chop!

Speaking of "chop-chop," I'll refer you to sections 37 and 38 of the contracts. Section 37 details financial penalties. Section 38 refers to swords and other sharp objects as instruments of punishment.

It's coming on fast. Let's get this done.

On a serious note, I recognize there are some very old families, with vast amounts of wealth, that have had enormous influence throughout history.  But, I just don't buy into the conspiracy theories of all the things these people are supposed to be behind.  Not that they aren't power brokers, with wealth and influence almost beyond measure, but if they were really that all-powerful, there wouldn't be any conspiracy theorists alive to point it out.

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