Friday, September 29, 2017

I'm back

Fuck all if I know where to start.  What the fuck is wrong with humanity? Fucking hurricanes killing Americans (and remember, kids, Puerto Ricans are Americans) right and left and people are bitching about NFL players kneeling at the same time assholes are in the beer line?

And "we ain't racist, fuck you libtard" Alabama chooses the most unethical, twice-disgraced, endorsed by the guy-too-Nazi-even-for-the-Trump-White-House dude as the GOP candidate for Senate?

Americans have lost their fucking marbles. But, hey, why not? They shit their ethics and morality down the toilet last November, why not throw out the marbles, too?

The main problem with trying to ignore the world is that the world doesn't respect that. It's like trying to ignore Internet trolls and bullies. They just take it as a challenge and try harder to get your attention by being  even bigger pricks about it.

Well, fuck you, world. Female voices may be fleeing the Internet, due to the exhaustion of harassment and rape-death threats, but this bitch got her password sorted out, and you can bite my tight ass again.

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