Friday, September 29, 2017

Zak Smith?

Who the crap is Zak Smith, and should I care?

A lot of my gamer friends are talking about this guy - AGAIN! He's like some kind of cyclical force of nature that stirs up shit every couple of months, or something. Why the crap does he have so much influence?

No, I don't want to Google him. That's too damn much noise. I want to hear from you! Because I care about you, and I value the distilled thoughts in your head.


  1. I really resent that the Google people didn't salvage G+ integrated comments. This post had a pile that explained WTF Zak Smith is and WTF WOTC management has decided to disavow him. I mean, wow. How the crap does someone develop such an enormous negative rep and burn so fucking many bridges? (and really, is this their real permalink for this? Seriously?)

  2. Again, fuck if I know shit about Zak Smith, but these allegations have been going on for a long time, and some are both serious and gross.