Sunday, October 1, 2017

Anti-Anti-Fascists? You're kind of an asshole

Mocking the Meme here. This is important, that you understand I'm mocking the meme.

It always amazes me the self-absorbed, self-important mindset required to whine about protests against people whose core belief is "Those darkies ain't human! Jews should be burned to death! They ain't people! Only us special white snowflakes are people with rights!"

"Anti-Anti-Fascists" Really? So, you're saying you support Nazis and Fascists? That's nice. You life hating asshole.


And, by the way, "free speech" is most usually legally defined as "government officials cannot stop you from expression whatever the fuck you want."

That is very different than "people who disgaree with you can also exercise their rights to tell you to shut the fuck up."

That is not the same as "censorship," or "repression," in the way people always scream it is (that is, screaming "My rights I'd free speech are repressed! Whine whine!"). On the contrary, it is often the very essence of "free market capitalism" at work.  

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