Friday, October 27, 2017

Fiction Friday - Death Ray Eyes - Ketut Ece Van Middlesworth

Background & Origin: She had a hard youth, being yanked from her home by social services, then running away to the Big City in her early teens, after getting fed up being bounced around foster homes.  Her superstrength emerged shortly before she ran away - feeling that sense of power gave her the idea she could survive. She managed to survive, falling in with organized crime as an enforcer and aid women in positions of control.

She has the following siblings:
  • A younger half-sister that she still keeps in touch with, but they're not particularly close. Her sister  doesn't know she is now a supervillain;
  • A younger sister that she has lost touch with.  Every once in a while, she makes noises about finding this sister, but hasn't put any real effort into it.

She has experienced the following important events:
  • She found that she has an older sister that you never knew she had;
  • She fell in love and thought about marriage;
  • She made a friend, a surrogate parent who offers advice, perhaps too much advice. They are an important figure both locally and beyond the immediate area;
  • Her relationship choices were sub-par, and she found yourself two-timing a steady partner. They found out and broke up;
  • An incapacitating accident left her laid up for several months;
  • She was involved in several casual relationships, each lasting a month or more, but none become serious

Combat Tactics:  Generally, she just punches people, because it is effective.  She has no problem using her “death ray vision” on especially dangerous foes, or even just to make a point about how powerful and badass she is.

Personality Traits: inspirational, courageous, adventurous,

Appearance:  She favors steampunk fashion, dark and comfortable. She wears her hair long and flowing.

Powers:  She has superhuman strength and endurance. She can generate an unrevealed energy as beams from her eyes that is lethal to all life forms and damaging even to non-organic material.

She carries a steel shield that she calls her “Steam Shield.”

Notes:  Model unknown.  Character by I.A. Riley, August, 2017.

The powers were all random, but I decided I wanted her to have a ranged attack, and then I just went a bit mods happy with the Death Touch.

(model unknown)

Ketut Ece Van Middlesworth - Mighty Protectors

Strength 29 (Carrying Capacity 3840 lbs., Basic HTH d6+d8)
Endurance 19 (Save 12, Heal 2.8)
Agility 16 (Save 11)
Intelligence 18 (Save 12)
Cool 18 (Save 12, Initiative d8+1)

Hit Points 26
Power 82
Physical Defense 1
Mental Defense  2
Move 21
Inventing Points 9
Wealth d6
Luck 10-
Weight x lbs.
Total Cost 100 + 65 - 15 = 150

Death Vision: Death Touch: Damage d6 Entropy, Range 7”, PR=5, Modifiers:  Range (ST/4”), Armor Piercing 3, Reduced PR (30 CP)

Heightened Attack:  Damage +4 with Death Touch (10 CP)

Heightened Endurance: EN +9, IN +6 (included above)

Heightened Strength: ST +15 (included above)

Wealth: d6 Wealth roll (2.5 CP)

Armored Costume: Adaptation: High Temperatures, Low Temperatures, Armor: Kinetic 1, Energy 2, Biochemical 1, Entropy 2, Modifiers:  Multifunction Gear (15 CP)

Steam Shield: Shield:  Physical Defense +4, Breakpoint x (7.5 CP)

TBD (-15 CP)

Combat Summary:
Initiative: d8+1 (avg 5.5)
Unarmed: Attack 14-, Damage d6+d8 OR 2d6+1 (both avg 8)
Death Vision: Attack 14-, Damage d6+4 OR d12+1 (both avg 7.5)


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