Friday, October 6, 2017

Darth Vader, Asshole

Personally, I always thought Darth Vader was kind of an asshole. Sure, he has some major badass style, but I mean, "You've disappointed me for the last time!" (Choke, choke, choke) - what kind of weaksauce idiot manager does that? That's so not going to retain quality talent. Duh.

And, seriously, how much of a special snowflake do you really have to be to bully people who disagree with you?  "I find your lack of faith disturbing," so "I'll choke you and frighten everyone in the room into seeing how big and badass scary I am, because I'm such a snowflake I need people to be afraid of me, all the time!"

Yeah, that's on par with "I took my assault rifle to Wal-Mart to buy cookies, because I'm such a special bullying chicken, I need everyone to see I'm a hardass about my cookies."

Or, maybe, as special snowflake as "I'll sue you for being mean to me! (And then I'll stiff the lawyers on the bill, I'm so hardass!)"

So, yeah. I always thought Vader was kind of an asshole.

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