Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Memo to White People

To the snowflakes who chant-scream-whine "We will not be replaced!":

By really generous - even liberal generous - standards, y'all - and I mean ALL Y'ALL - make up maybe 20% of the world population. Than means the ONE ethnic group of Han Chinese already outnumber ALL Y'ALL.  You've already been "replaced

Now, if you're worried about being "relevant," lemme borrow some of your own talking points: 
* get a job
* get job training
* learn a useful skill
* go read a book at the library
* save your money instead of buying pretty shoes, big televisions, over-sized gas-guzzling pickup trucks or - wait for it - GUNS.  OMG stop wanking off on $3000 still-ain't-full-auto guns.

For fuck sake, either take some personal responsibility and stop whining about being outnumbered, or shut the fuck up already. 

Get a job.

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