Friday, October 26, 2018

It's called psych warfare, and Trump is waging it on you

It's called "psychological warfare," and it doesn't require half a brain to accept reality and see that "conservatives" are being played for suckers and saps. Wake up people, and stop letting yourselves be played like puppets. You don't have to give a shit about "libtards," but quit being naive about who is pulling your leash and you're worshipping them for treating you worse than dogs.

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  1. Here we are, between the 2020 Election - which Joe Biden won - and inauguration day in January. Trump and his cronies continue to peddle the lie that "the election was stolen," despite - or probably BECAUSE - all reliable, credible, verifiable, evidence proves this was one of the most secure elections ever.

    And now others are calling it out for being "psych warfare".

    Oh My God! I just crawled out of a Trump conspiracy rabbit hole, it's really crazy down there!

    The author wrote: "I came away seeing how effective Trump and his attorney’s have been in psychological warfare. Also how few of them are challenged to defend their beliefs with proof and when they are they don’t actually engage."