Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kevin Spacey

I had drafted a post about what Kevin Spacey actually said.  That is, what he said, and not what people have decided he said.

Then, I realized about 97% of readers would pick fights with the noise in their own heads, and take that out on me (because people are selfish that way), while only about 3% actually read what I wrote.

In other words, 97% of people whose eyeballs saw that I had written something, would waste their time - and my energy - by shouting at me for something that was their own fault, anyway.

This post is about how much human selfishness and stupidity annoys me.

(And for the slow thinkers in the room, I'll spell this out now, before someone tries to make hay where there isn't any. Sexual assault is wrong. Sexually assaulting minors is absolutely wrong. Hell had a special place for anyone who preys on children.  This blog post isn't about sexual assault. I certainly don't forgive the act of harming a minor, and being drunk makes it worse, not better.)

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