Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maybe he really is a bad person?

To all those people convinced the media are just making up stories about Trump. Or taking his own tweets and showing them to people. Or running video of Trump actually doing things. Showing Trump looking like a buffoon, or acting incompetent, or even just NOT BEING PRESIDENTIAL.

Does it really not occur to people that maybe Trump really is just a bad person?

I mean, does it really hurt to admit that maybe supporting him was a mistake, and that grown ups change their minds when they realize they did something stupid - like support a bad person screwimg up the most important job in the world on a daily basis?

Why can't he just be an actual bad person? Why is it so much more believable that millions of people are just being mean to him, rather than he's an actual incompetent self-absorbed jerk - like his own actions suggest every damn day?

Why is that so hard?

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