Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trump and Weinstein: Sexual Assault is Still Wrong

Just so we're clear, if you find  yourself in a conversation about Harvey Weinstein and some tool is making hay that the "Democrats are Evil," because Weinstein is a sexual predator, then here are some responses:
  • So you agree that sexual assault is wrong, and therefore you agree that  GOP President Donald Trump, former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are all fucking scumbags, because they have a history of sexual depredation against women.  Good, so, that means "Republicans are Evil," right?  Especially, since one of those sexual predators is the fucking President and another is a Supreme Court Justice.
  • If it's a "Yeah, but Weinstein!" scenario, the remind them that "Yeah, but..." means the speaker is normalizing and justifying the behavior.  The response to "Yeah, but.." is "So, you're saying you're okay with sexual harassment?  That's kind of shitty of you."
    There is NO "Yeah, but..." when it comes  to sexual predators.  It's only "Yes, you're right. President 'grab her by the pussy' Trump was just as wrong as Harvey Weinstein!"  

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